World Cup Best Bets: Uruguay Among Dark-Horse Teams to Win 2014

Bleacher Reports World Cup Best Bets: Uruguay Among Dark-Horse Teams to Win 2014 World Cup – Bleacher Report – With 28-1 odds entering this year's tourney, the reigning Copa America champs must be considered an intriguing dark-horse candidate to win their third World Cup title and repeat their 1950 magic in Brazil.

Since finishing fourth at the 2010 World Cup they have maintained their progress and the performance by Suarez, who scored twice against England on Thursday night, proved their danger to all. Although the performance against England didn't impress the bookies as quote odds of 40/1 against Uruguay lifting the world cup trophy.

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Questions and Answers on World Cup 2014 Betting

Who are you betting on to win the fifa 2014 world cup?

Posted by Dave Marcus

Brazil or Germany.

Please don't come do Brazil FIFA World Cup 2014?Help the Brazilian people sharing this image Https://…I ask on behalf of the Brazilian people who already tired of all this corruption of a government, dictatorial and despotic, undercover democracy.

he billions dollars with tourism will go into the pockets of politicians and big business, while people starve and live in favelas.

The U.S the has evolved in football in the last Confederations Cup in 2010 in South Africa reached the final, won the semi-final of the current world champion Spain, and in the end came to open a two-goal lead over Brazil, but the best team in North and Central America remains Mexico.

Posted by JPjão O Rapper Comunista Palmeirense

Ok this is driving me crazy! I've seen 5 of these shares JUST TODAY!

What happens when people boycott the cup…and the government is left with little revenue from tourists? Now that they've already spent a ridiculous amount of money on a freaken game…they need to make the money back. If people don't show up, it makes things even worse for Brazilians!

You think they will just take the hit and say “think twice next time”?!

NO! They will take more money from the people, from health care..etc… To cover their loses.

Things will only get worse not better! Yes I thought it was incredibly stupid for Brazil to try hosting the world cup when they can barely handle (or care to?) the basic needs of the people. But now is not the time to fight against this! It is done! Protests should have been done when the idea first started bloating around. I understand the reasoning behind this…but it's seriously going to backfire!

The government won't care where the money comes from…but I'll bet on anything that they will find a way to make the money back. Sadly from the people =

Who will win the World Cup in 2014?

I know most people are betting strong European teams to win but I think a South American team will win this time and it will either be Brazil or Uruguay.

I know most would predict Brazil since their in home and stuff but in the end everyone underestimates Uruguay and don't realize that they have won the World Cup twice, are in their moment, have been unbeatable since Germany beat in the World Cup 2010, they are 2nd in the world, were dark horses in the World Cup 2010, won 15 Copa Americas and recently the last one in 2011 and they will continue to be a strong team in 2014 and they have history of beating Brazil at home.

Uruguay can beat Brazil at home and they already beat Argentina at home too in the Copa America so anyone who says Brazil or Argentina can beat them, they are wrong. Uruguay has history of beating Brazil and Argentina many times and even at home.

Uruguay won the last Copa America and they are now the South American nation with more Copa Americas than any South American team.

Uruguay plays incredible and they rely on the whole team, not just Forlan. They are the bg team in America at the moment and will have a big chance in winning it. People who say they play awful have no clue what there talking about and just hate Uruguay.

Yes I agree with you I think it will probably be a South American team myself. Brazil are the favourites in my eyes too not just because it's on their home turf but because they'll be desperate to bring home the World Cup to their fans because Brazil have been pretty poor on the World Cup stage since winning it last in 2012 and won't want to disappoint on their own patch.

There's alot of other factors as well like a new generation of Brazilian talent progressing through at the right time.

But I must say I certainly agree with you on Uruguay as well they have been fantastic on the international stage since 2010 anyways and deservedly sit 2nd in the FIFA world rankings right now. With talent like Cavani, Suarez etc they will be very dangerous in 2012.

I certainly fancy them to replicate reaching the semi finals again ATLEAST depending on the seedings and draw at the finals. I have never really fancied Argentina at this level in my 20 years of living but with Messi finally turning it on, on the international stage and it being on their arch rivals turf they may just believe 2014 is their year.

I don't think to many European teams will be as dangerous as people think they will.

Germany will probably be the biggest threat from Europe considering how young their squad still is and will have another two years under their belt together. Regardless of what Spain accomplish in the Euro 2012 final on Sunday unless they ditch the passengers in that team and bring through some younger or new talent I don't think Spain will do it.

You can see how below par Spain have been and how the likes of Xavi, Arbeloa and others aren't what they used to be. Holland and France always have egos in their camp so it depends. Italy I don't really know about as you never know what Italy team will turn up at a major finals.

Portugal, I have been extremely impressed with and have looked good with but it seems to big a task in my eyes. I may have forgot others but that's all the stuff off the top of my head.