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Online Betting USA 05-09-2019

‘It inspired a generation’: Tony Hawk on how the Pro Skater video games changed lives

Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater appeared on PlayStation 20 years ago this week – and transformed sports sims for ever. Hawk and the game’s developers assess the impact of the 100m-selling series When Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater was released 20 years ago this week, initial projections for the game were modest. Although Sega’s Top Skater had […]

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Online Betting USA 17-08-2019

‘I felt like a spy infiltrating the IRA’ – the hurling player who exposed his sport

Timmy Creed gave up the difficult Irish sport harmed and disappointed. He returned to his club ‘‘ – undercover ’– to turn its poisonous masculinity into a play ‘‘ You can strike individuals,” ” states Timmy Creed, reassuringly, as he swings his tossing stick inches from my head. “ “ As long as you ’ […]

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Online Betting USA 07-07-2019

Romesh Ranganathan: I’m rubbish at sport – and now I’ve got to do keepy-uppies with Freddie Flintoff

On A League Of Their Own, I’m always terrified I’ll get the ball and accidentally kill someone in the audience I was terrible at sport at school. I was fat, which made things slightly tougher, but it also meant that people were encouraging to the point of patronising. If I managed to complete the 100m […]

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Online Betting USA 25-05-2019

John McEnroe: In the Realm of Perfection review – Superbrat court in the act

The tempestuous tennis star incomes war versus the world in documentary-maker Julien Faraut’’ s philosophical picture In this cherishably distinctive essay-film, archivist Julien Faraut has actually spun documentarist Gil de Kermadec’’ s raw video of John McEnroe ’’ s fractious mid-80s development at the French Open into the basis of a philosophical rumination –– Herzogian […]

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Sports News 02-09-2018

To protect our virgin eyes, this female tennis player was penalized for removing her shirt

The U.S. Open has a lot of thoughts about tennis — and women’s boobs. On Wednesday, French tennis player Alizé Cornet walked onto the court of the U.S. Open and realized that her shirt was on backwards. Instead of running to the women’s locker room, Cornet took off her shirt in public and then put […]

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Betting Offers 17-07-2018

Pussy Riot members jailed for 15 days over World Cup pitch invasion

Four members of the Pussy Riot protest group, who ran onto the pitch wearing fake police uniforms during the World Cup final, are sentenced to 15 days’ jail and banned from attending sports events for three years. Read More

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