You Could Have Bet on the Length of Myles Garrett’s Suspension

  • In its total games wager, Bovada called the shot when it came to the number of games Cleveland Browns defensive lineman Myles Garrett would be suspended for by the NFL, setting the bar at 5.5 games
  • Garrett pulled the helmet off the head of Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Mason Rudolph and then struck the QB with it in Thursday's game
  • Bovada correctly favored over 5.5 games at odds of -500

The debate wasn't about whether Myles Garrett of the Cleveland Browns was going to be suspended. Rather, the question was how many games will his suspension be?

It didn't take long for the NFL to act and the league's decision was to suspend Garrett for a long time.

At the end of Cleveland's 21-7 win over the Pittsburgh Steelers on Thursday Night Football, a scuffle ensued after Browns' defensive lineman Garrett tackled Steelers' quarterback Mason Rudolph.

Odds for Number of Games Myles Garrett Will Be Suspended

OutcomeOdds at Bovada
Over 5.5-500
Under 5.5+300

Odds taken on Nov. 15

As Ron Burgundy would say, things escalated rather quickly from there. Garrett ripped the helmet off of Rudolph's head and then swung and struck the Pittsburgh QB with it.

Rudolph called it “a total coward move.” The NFL quickly called Garrett on the carpet. He was suspended indefinitely, with the minimum length of the suspension to be the remainder of this season (six games) and also to include the playoffs if the Browns were to qualify for postseason play.

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If you were as quick as the NFL to act on Garrett's suspension, hopefully, you bet the “Over”.

Bovada offered a total wager on the length of Garrett's suspension and correctly called that it would be more than five games before the Browns DL would be back in a Cleveland uniform.

The sportsbook set the bar at 5.5 games, and favored the over at odds of -500.

You Knew Garrett Was Going Down

As soon as he swung the helmet at Rudolph's head like a medieval knight swinging his mace at an opponent in battle, it was evident that there was going to severe punishment coming Garrett's way.

Other than Browns' sycophants, the court of public opinion was quick to convict Garrett on social media. And if you think that doesn't play a role in the outcome, you should ask Don Cherry.

The ownership of the Browns were quick to react and even went as far as to apologize to Rudolph.

The Comparables

Earlier this season, the NFL also suspended Oakland Raiders linebacker Vontaze Burfict indefinitely for a persistent series of head hits. He'd sat out previous suspensions of five and three games for similar hits.

In 2006, Tennessee Titans defensive lineman Albert Haynesworth was suspended five games for stomping on the head of helmetless Dallas Cowboys center Andre Gurode, opening a 30-stitch cut over Gurode's right eye.

Athletes from other sports were even weighing in with their opinions about Garrett's actions.

Former NHL forward Beau Bennett, currently playing for the AHL Tucson Roadrunners, suggested the incident reminded him of an infamous fictional hockey player turned golfer.

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