You Can Bet Whether the Seahawks Will Throw a Pass from the 1-Yard Line vs Patriots in Week 2


Pete Carroll sending in play with Russell Wilson

Would Seattle Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll send in QB Russell Wilson with a passing play from the one-yard line in Sunday's game against the New England Patriots? Photo by @TheScore (Twitter).

  • Bookmakers are offering a prop wager on whether the Seattle Seahawks will attempt a pass from the New England one-yard line in their Week 2 game against the Patriots
  • “No” is favored at odds of -700. A “yes” bet comes with a +400 betting line
  • Seattle lost the 2014 Super Bowl to New England when Russell Wilson’s pass from the Patriots’ one-yard line was picked off by Malcolm Butler

In Super Bowl history, there are certain plays that stand out for all the wrong reasons but no one need tell fans of the Seattle Seahawks of that reality.

Patriots cornerback Malcolm Butler stepping in front of Seahawks wide receiver Ricardo Lockette to pick off Russell Wilson’s pass from the one-yard line in the dying seconds of Super Bowl 49, preserving New England’s 28-24 victory, is certainly one of those moments.

Odds Seahawks Throw a Pass from One-Yard Line vs Patriots in Week 2


Odds taken Sept. 16th

As the Seahawks play host to the Patriots on Sunday Night Football, could history repeat itself? Might the Seahawks find themselves with the ball on the New England one?

If so, would they dare pass again?

It’s a question being posed in a prop bet on this week’s game. If you think the Seahawks won’t attempt a pass from the New England one during the game, “no” comes with odds of -700. However, if you are of the belief that Seattle will taunt history and go with another one-yard passing play, that betting lines garners +400 odds.

Still the One

In Seattle’s season-opening 38-25 win over the Atlanta Falcons, the Seahawks found themselves with the ball on the Falcons one. Wilson handed off to Carlos Hyde, who powered into the end zone for the touchdown.

Seven times, the Seahawks scored one-yard TDs during the 2019 NFL season. Six of them were one-yard runs. Wilson threw a solitary one-yard TD pass to Jacob Hollister during a 40-34 victory over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in Week 9.

What About Beast Mode?

Full disclosure – yes, Marshawn Lynch is the new brand ambassador for SBD. Still, the question must be asked?

How do you not give the ball to the most punishing runner to steamroll NFL defenders since Jerome (The Bus) Bettis stopped plunging through lines for the Steelers?

Would Beast Mode have picked up that yard, found the end zone, and earned the Seahawks their second straight Super Bowl title?

The answer’s right there in his nickname for crying out loud.

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One More Often Done

Back in the day, one-yard TD passes happened in the NFL only slightly more often than Detroit Lions Super Bowl sightings.

The times, they are a changin’, however. Research compiled by Football Perspective displays exactly how the one-yard TD pass has ramped up in frequency over the years.

There were three one-yard TD passes during the entire 1972 NFL season. By 2014, that number had increased to 66.

Len Dawson, the Kansas City Chiefs starter in the first Super Bowl, threw 230 career TD passes. None went for just one yard.

Hall of Famer Peyton Manning threw for 539 TD passes. An NFL-record 28 of them came from the one-yard line.

Here’s another interesting tidbit – Butler’s Super Bowl play was the first time in NFL history that a pass from the one was intercepted.

Will Seahawks Do It Again?

Seahawks coach Pete Carroll is a rarity among NFL coaches. He’ll actually speak the truth about topics.

He’s just the kind of personality who’d try this again. At odds of +400, it’s worth a roll of the dice.

Pick: Yes (+400)

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