World Cup Schedule

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Questions and Answers on the World Cup Schedule

Fifa soccer 2010 world cup schedule ?

I want to know what channel it's gonne be on directv USA ??

Posted by sandip p
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It will be on ABC and ESPN. Like the first game for usa vs england will be on ABC. And other games on ESPN. Here's the schedule.

ICC World Cup Cricket Schedule?

Pakistan beat Australia today, when is the next time Pakistan is playing? The exact time please? Thanks.

Posted by Mona
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Check this link and try work it out..
Next Match Pakistan will be playing is the quarter finals which is not yet decided.

Channels for FIFA World Cup?

Hi, I'm looking for the best channels to watch the matches and the opening ceremony this Friday. Which channels will cover the World Cup?

Thank you!
Oh, and I am in the US.

Posted by Ivy
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