World Cup Qualifying Predictions

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FIFA World Cup 2014 Analysis & Predictions: Group E – Switzerland, Ecuador … – International Business Times AU

NBCSports.comFIFA World Cup 2014 Analysis & Predictions: Group E – Switzerland, Ecuador …International Business Times AUFrance's national soccer team players Franck Ribery (L) and Blaise Matuidi react on the training field in Clairefontaine, near Paris, in preparation for the upcoming World Cup, May 29, 2014. The World Cup will be held in 12 cities in Brazil from June …2014 World Cup team preview: EcuadorNBCSports.comWorld Cup: France the team to beat in Group EBig News Network.comall 37 news articles »

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Questions and Answers

World cup qualifying predictions?

Just wanted to know what people think about who will advance to world cup from the qualifying stages. From each confederation.

Posted by Emin
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Well, let's start with UEFA's qualifying nations:
Group A: Croatia
Group B: Italy
Group C: Germany
Group D: Holland
Group E: Switzerland
Group F: Portugal
Group G: Bosnia and Herzegovina
Group H: England
Group I: Spain

That's from the above nations qualifying top of their groups.

For CONCACAF's qualifiers, I predict the USA, Costa Rica and Mexico will advance to the World Cup finals. The fourth team to qualify for the play-off against OFC's top-placed team (New Zealand) will be Panama.

For CONMEBOL's qualifiers, I predict Argentina, Colombia, Chile and Ecuador will qualify directly for the World Cup finals. The fifth-best team to qualify for a play-off will be Venezuela.

For AFC's qualifiers, since Japan, South Korea, Uzbekistan have already qualified, Australia still have two games to play and Oman have one; therefore, I predict Australia will win both and qualify second thus qualifying directly with Oman finishing third and qualifying for the play-off.

For CAF's qualifiers, there will be a third-round draw for the play-offs, so I don't really know how the teams will be drawn, so I couldn't predict any team qualifying for the World Cup.

Anyway, those are my predictions. I wonder if they tally with yours. In any case, we will have to wait and see if they come true or not. Good luck to whichever team you're supporting too. (Btw, I'm supporting England 🙂 ).

WORLD CUP Predictions !? Simple Question!?

Answer some of my really simple questions PLEASE

1- Do you think Sweden will beat Denmark & Hungary ?!

2- Do you think Portugal will beat Albania on June 6th ? !

3- Do you think Denmark will Lose or Win to Portugal !? What score do you predict ?!

4- Do you think Hungary Will win or Lose to Portugal !? They play twice ! So what do you think will be their scores for both games ?!

& Do you think Portugal will at least come in second ?! Or Qualify!

Posted by Doris H
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About Portugal, they've not been impressive in this wc qualifier, first of all they have been unorganized. Seeing the performance of Ronnie, he seems lost in the pitch. I think they need to reshuffle their starting XI. It's not all about skills, team chemistry also eats up a big part of team success. Portugal has talent no doubt about it, they even have the world's best player right now. Even though their A game isn't level with the likes of Spain or the Netherlands, they have what it takes to lead their team to the top. Also their defense isn't that tight. (as i've observed).

About portugal qualifying, there is very little chance actually. The second place team is 7 points clear ahead of them. It would take something for them to snatch that spot.

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