World Cup Predictor

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World Cup 2014: Predictions for This Year's Top Favourites – Bleacher Report

Bleacher ReportWorld Cup 2014: Predictions for This Year's Top FavouritesBleacher ReportWorld Cup 2014 hosts Brazil might be clear favourites to win a sixth title when the action kicks off on June 12, but there is many a slip between cup and lip. The likes of Spain, Germany and Argentina—who have six World Cup wins between them—cannot …and more »

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Questions and Answers

MUST SEE FIFA World cup simulater/predictor?

Here is the new link
the thread persons name is SATWENTYTEN about 6 threads down click on his link and it will open up a Excel Predictor
its a fun game all u do is put in the scores and it calculates it self all the way to the final, ha i made new zealnd win it lol
if the link is broken try Http://…
do same as above find SATWENTYTEN.

Posted by dylancarmoney
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Omg you know i prefer direct links!!!

I need to see it but i cant.

Where can i find a fifa 10 world cup predictor?

Im talking about a predictor that you pick the scores for fun and it calculates itself all the way from group stage to final. I am not looking for a tipping comp or league just a predictor.

Posted by dylancarmoney
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Their is a game out that has very interesting predictions. Everytime my friend plays North Korea advances!

World Cup 2010 Predictor?

Hello all,

I want to Organise a World Cup 2010 predictor for my office approx 350 Emp. So needs to be easy and not too hard to manage. We want to have people to donate for example 5 pounds and give half to the winner and half to a charity. Do you know a website or do you have a excel sheet with already build please let me know.,



Posted by ejd_deplanque
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Spain will win.

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