World Cup Predictions Group A

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World Cup 2014 Groups Table: Round-of-16 Predictions After Day 11 Standings – Bleacher Report

Bleacher ReportWorld Cup 2014 Groups Table: Round-of-16 Predictions After Day 11 StandingsBleacher ReportThe United States held Cristiano Ronaldo silent for 94 minutes and 30 seconds. But the Real Madrid winger needed only half a minute of magic to draw Portugal level, in turn denying the U.S. A spot in the knockout stages and salvaging the Seleccao's …and more »

Fifa World Cup 2014, Japan vs. Colombia: Where to Watch Live, Predictions, Preview and Betting Odds

Japan will take on Colombia in a Group C clash of the 2014 Fifa World Cup at Arena Pantanal, Cuiaba on Tuesday.

Questions and Answers on World Cup Predictions

2014 U.S. World Cup predictions?

How far do you think they can go? What are your realistic predictions?

Posted by adam
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There are too many variables to make a definite prediction, but this is where I see the team: Klinsmann has brought the US team real world-class experience for the first time. Their biggest handicap remains that the majority of their players spend most of their time in what are (admittedly) second-rate leagues (hey, I'm a Dynamo fan). The US will be able to do well against 3-4 place group fodder, will eat any team from Asia alive, almost any team from Africa (and will be competitive/possibly favored against the top two). They'll easily get out of Group Phase barring massive injury. Who they meet in elimination determines everything. They can be competitive with any team that doesn't meet two qualifications: A. An above average coach (By national standards, obviously all the coaches are quality) B. A number of players who spend time in top leagues. This is the same reason they were able to tie England in another Cup (and England has the same problem with this years team), England's offense is one-dimensional despite the presence of outstanding talent (much like the problems Mexico is having). Obviously its a long way to the Cup at this point, and they seem to be getting better rather rapidly, but they aren't going to improve enough to be a legitimate contender. They could surprise…then again, they could face Germany right off the bat.

My World Cup Predictions: Group Stage – What do you think?

Group A
South Africa 2 : 2 Mexico
Uruguay 1 : 3 France
South Africa 1 : 0 Uruguay
France 1 : 2 Mexico
Mexico 2 : 0 Uruguay
France 1: 2 South Africa
Mexico, South Africa advance (I have a presentiment that France will disqualify for the next round, especially with their recent loss over China. Mexico's strong team chemistry collapsed the Italian defense and brought them well-deserved victory over the defending champion. I also think that South Africa will advance, merely because they're the host nation.)

Group B
South Korea 2 : 0 Greece
Argentina 3 : 1 Nigeria
South Korea 1 : 1 Argentina
Greece 1 : 2 Nigeria
South Korea 2 : 0 Nigeria
Argentina 3 : 0 Greece
Argentina, South Korea advance (some people may argue that South Korea is defensibly and offensively weaker than all three countries, but I respectfully disagree, especially with their 2:0 victory over Ivory Coast and 1:0 loss over Spain. Greece, and Nigeria are undoubtedly suffering, definitely lacking strong offensive attacks and defensive tactics. Argentina will go for sure.)

Group C
England 2 : 2 USA
Algeria 2 : 1 Slovenia
Slovenia 1 : 2 USA
England 3 : 1 Algeria
Slovenia 0 : 3 England
USA 1 : 2 Algeria
England and USA advance

Group D
Germany 2 : 1 Australia
Serbia 1 : 2 Ghana
Germany 3 : 1 Serbia
Ghana 2 : 2 Australia
Ghana 0 : 2 Germany
Australia 2 : 0 Serbia
Germany and Australia advance

Group E
Netherlands 3 : 1 Denmark
Japan 0 : 2 Cameroon
Netherlands 3 : 1 Japan
Cameroon 2 : 1 Denmark
Denmark 2 : 1 Japan
Cameroon 2 : 3 Netherlands
Netherlands, Cameroon advance

Group F
Italy 1 : 2 Paraguay
New Zealand 1 : 0 Slovakia
Slovakia 0 : 1 Paraguay
Italy 2 : 0 New Zealand
Slovakia 1 : 2 Italy
Paraguay 2 : 0 New Zealand
Italy, Paraguay advance (Italy has recently shown weak defense, concentration, and exceptionally weak offense against Mexico. Although their spot for the next round is surely guaranteed, they'd have to fight and win uneasy battles against the clashing nations. Also, their key player, Pirlo, will be missing the WC)

Group G (I refuse to predict)
Ivory Coast 1 : 2 Portugal
Brazil 2 : 1 North Korea
Brazil 3 : 1 Ivory Coast
Portugal 1 : 2 North Korea
Portugal 1: 3 Brazil
North Korea 1 : 0 Ivory Coast
Brazil, North Korea advance (I'm not a socialist, communist, or in any way affiliated with the North Korean government, but I think they're truly the "Dark Horse" of this tournament. Their players have a fixed-mindset that they're advance to the round of 16 with no issue. Recently they tied with Greece, and played superior games against other countries. Although this scenario is very unlikely, I think that they have a high chance of beating Portugal out of the bloody vendetta, and Drogba-less Ivory Coast. Especially their formation is generally 9-1, which means they have a thick layer of 9 defensemen and 1 prominent, skillful striker. It's up to you to decide, and I think that North Korea will surprise the world.)

Group H
Honduras 0 : 1 Chile
Spain 3 : 1 Switzerland
Chile 1 : 2 Switzerland
Spain 4 : 0 Honduras
Chile 0 : 3 Spain
Switzerland 2 : 0 Honduras
Switzerland, Spain advance.

Posted by John
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Group A:
2.South Africa

Group B:
2.South Korea

Group C:

Group D:

Group E:

Group F:

Group G:

Group H:

First Knock out round will be:
Mexico vs South Korea
USA vs Serbia
Netherlands vs Slovakia
Brazil vs Switzerland
Argentina vs South Africa
Germany vs England
Italy vs Cameroon
Spain vs Portugal

Quarter finals will be:
Mexico vs USA
Netherlands vs Brazil
South Africa vs England
Italy vs Spain

Semis will be:
USA vs Brazil
Spain vs England

Third place will be:
USA vs England

England win the third place

Final will be:
Brazil vs Spain

Brazil are the champions for the 6th time.

These are my predictions,I know it probably won't be everything like this,but I believe that Brazil can win again…

World Cup Group B Predictions?

Which team do you think is most likely to go on to the finals?? (Argentina, Greece, Nigeria, or South Korea)

My predictions =)
#1 Argentina
#2 South Korea
#3 Nigeria
#4 Greece.

Posted by hahahahaha
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I agree with your predictions as well. Argentina will win the group no doubt, but I think Nigeria could end up in the #2 or #4 position, depending on a bit of luck and what the teams decide to do about their next games.

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