World Cup Odds 2014

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World Cup 2014 betting: odds on Honduras to win Group E – SB Nation

World Cup 2014 betting: odds on Honduras to win Group ESB NationHonduras has a decent offense, but they have the second worst odds to win the World Cup and the worst odds to win Group E. The defense is the main concern for the squad and, while they had some good showings in the qualifying process, can they keep …and more »

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Questions and Answers

Is Rooney World-class……?

How can he not be world-class after scoring 30-odd goals last season…..He was just unfit in the euros…..wait till 2014 he'll light up brazil….!!!!!!!!

Posted by Non-gloryhunting united fan
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2010 World Cup – probably our worst player also.

I don't think he is close to world class. He scored goals in the premiership, but in La Liga or Serie A he would struggle.

He works hard, he has pace and power, but not much guile or skill. He wouldnt get in the Spanish squad, let alone team.

Will the USA win the 2014 World Cup in Brazil?

We are already the best country in the world. Be awesome to for Americans to take over the worlds most popular sport.

People in the States would actually start giving a fuck about soccer if we won.

It's weird that Soccer is on Fox right now…must feel the same way for Brits when Football is on in the UK. Just odd.

Posted by Let'S Go!
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The USMNT is still in a developing phase. It is highly unlikely that they will win the world cup. However the quater final rounds are possible. They have made it there previously in 2002. The womens team is by far the best in the world and will be favorites to win the 2015 womens soccer world cup.

Where I can find the betting odds of 2014 world cup and the previous ones?

I mean the betting odds for 2014, 2010, 2006,…world cup.

Posted by blue
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You can find 2014 in dozens of places. Did you even try looking?

The older ones might be tougher. I'd type "2006 World Cup betting odds" into a search engine like Yahoo or Google, but I'm sure you already did that.

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