World Cup 2014 Travel Tips

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2014 World Cup Brazil Travel tips to know before you go (mexicostar)

Maracana Stadium in Rio de Janeiro is illuminated in the colors of the Brazilian flag in honor of the World Cup. (Yasuyoshi Chiba / AFP/Getty)

2014 World Cup Brazil: Travel tips to know before you go – Los Angeles Times

More safety tips. Avoid using unmarked taxis, particularly after dark, and use ATMs in secure locations like a bank or hotel lobby. Criminals kidnap ATM users for a while so the victims can make additional cash withdrawals. –Beware of the favelas …'Brazil is not England' and five other tips for surviving the World CupWashington PostWorld Cup Heniousness: Corruption and Retaliations to the 2014 World Cup in…more

Questions and Answers on Brazil Travel Tips

Looking to Plan Trip to Brazil for 2014 World Cup?

My Boyfriend and have been talking about traveling to Brazil for the 2014 world cup since the last World Cup. We have never gone on a full out of the country vacation together and are intrested in some tips for fun, safe and even wallet friendly travel however we do understand this is going to cost. Right now I am thinking RIO, somewhere there are beaches, the games, history and nightlife. Does anyone that has evern vacationed there have any pointers or advice they would like to share also open to places to see romantic, intresting or fun.
Thank you!! Hoping this is the begining of our plan!
Looking to depart from LAX.

Posted by Amber Litman
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Hi Amber,

I live in the Los Angeles area and travel a lot to South America, usually for between 4 and 6 months at a time. I spent 6 monhts in South America this year including 3 months in Brazil. Needless to say that I am lovin' it.

The soccer world cup in Brazil in 2014 is certainly not going to be in sync with wallet friendly. Brazil is relatively expensive (about the same as in the U.S.), however, during certain times of the year/events (New Year's Eve., Carnival), and also the world cup prices go up a lot. Accommodation will be about 3 to 5 times higher than normal. Expect to pay for a dorm romm in Rio de Janeiro with bunk beds 3 high about $ 100.00/night. These are the prices at this time for New Year's Eve and Carnival. It will be about the same or probably higher for the world cup.

If you go to Brazil, Rio is certainly a must, but you also should visit places like Florianopolis in southern Brazil, Iguazu Falls, etc.

Travel tips during the World Cup Brazil 2014?

Paraiba/ Brazil.

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You will have to rent a car, take bus or fly.

Best places to travel to in Brazil in the summer for the World Cup?

I'm planning on traveling to Brazil for the World Cup in 2014 and I wanted to start planning ahead so I could work on the savings. I was thinking of staying in Rio de Janeiro. Is this a good choice or should I choose elsewhere? I will be 24 so somewhat young. What would be the best area to stay for I suppose my age group? Also, what are the most affordable and of course safest places to stay? How much do you think I will need to save if I plan on staying there anywhere from 2 weeks to maybe even a full month? Any tips will be welcome here so please tell me anything and everything!

Huge thanks in advance!

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Hi there,

I just returned from a 6 months South America trip which included 3 months in Brazil, and I loved it so much. There are a lot of places to go in Brazil, but since you might wanna go for only 2 weeks I recommend Rio de Janeiro. Keep in mind that Brazil is probably the most expensive country in South America, and prices will go up a lot during the world cup.
In order to save money you should stay at a hostel where you will meet tons of people from all over the world, and most of them will be in your age group. Regarding cost of hostel in Rio de Janeiro they run about $ 20.00/night in a dorm room, HOWEVER, during New Years and Carnival they will go up to about $ 100.00/night for a dorm. You can expect the same for the world cup.

Here are some websites where you can check out hostels in Rio de Janeiro or anywhere else.

Rio de Janeiro is not exactly a safe city, however, if you apply common sense you will be ok.
Good places in Rio to stay are in Ipanema/Lebon, and Santa Teresa. Copacabana is also ok.

Have a great time in Brazil. I also plan to go there for the world cup.

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