Will the Jaguars Move on from Doug Marrone After 2019 Season? Odds Say Yes

  • Odds now favor the Jaguars moving on from Doug Marrone (-140) before 2020
  • Marrone is 20-25 during his time in Jacksonville
  • The Jaguars are 9-18 in the last two seasons

With the Jaguars (4-7) headed for an second losing season in a row, the odds now favor Jacksonville moving on from head coach Doug Marrone before Week 1 of the 2020 season.

In the last two years, he has failed to match the success of his first full season in charge in 2017.

Odds Doug Marrone Is Jaguars Coach in Week 1, 2020

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Odds taken November 27th.

This update to the odds comes after an especially rough stretch for the Jaguars. They've lost three straight, all to AFC South rivals. It hasn't just been the losses, though, but also the way those losses have happened.

In the last three games, Jacksonville has lost to Houston by 23 points, Indianapolis by 20, and Tennessee by 22. Getting embarrassed, repeatedly, by divisional opponents has ramped up the talk surrounding Marrone's job security.

Is the Window Closed?

In 2017, when Jacksonville went 10-6, reached the AFC Championship, and lost a close game to the Patriots, it appeared that the window for a team full of young stars was wide open. Since then, things have gone downhill. 10-6 was followed up by 5-11 last season, and the Jaguars now sit at 4-7 through 11 games in 2019.

Marrone's overall record is now 20-25 in his time at the helm in Jacksonville. There was a flash of success, but overall, things have been disappointing since then.


Doug Marrone Year-by Year Record in Jacksonville

20161-1 (interim)

Marrone's Not Alone

Doug Marrone isn't the only head coach that currently sits on the hot seat.  Around the league, there are several coaches who are on shaky ground, and Jason Garrett in Dallas may be the highest profile man in that group. Dallas lost to New England on Sunday, and Garrett now has only the third-best odds to be the Cowboys' coach next season.

Value in Betting Against Marrone?

It's tough to look at Jacksonville and not put a significant amount of the blame on Marrone. His public confrontations with players indicate that the head coach has likely lost a portion of the locker room. The team's play on the field, especially these last three blowout losses in a row, only back up that theory.

At -140, the odds now favor Marrone being fired, but chalk is still the way to go. The Jaguars have tough matchups against Indianapolis and Oakland left on the schedule, and a few toss-ups as well. It would take perfection from here on out to simply finish 9-7, but 7-9 or 6-10 is the more likely finish for the Jaguars.

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Tom Coughlin has been mum on Marrone's future, and that isn't a good sign for the current head coach. With so much promise in that 2017 season, followed by two years of disappointment, the powers that be in Jacksonville may be ready to move on.

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