Will Kylie Jenner Sing with Travis Scott? Odell Beckham Attend?


Coachella ferris wheel

Coachella 2020 takes place in California in April, which celebs will be in attendance? Photo by David Jones (Wiki Commons)

  • The full lineup for Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival was announced on January 2
  • This year’s headliners include Rage Against the Machine, Travis Scott, and Frank Ocean
  • Coachella is set to dazzle its 250,000 audience members over two weekends, April 11 and 18, 2020

Everyone’s favorite music festival is right around the corner. With the star-studded lineup just announced, Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival is set to return this April with the same acts appearing on back-to-back weekends.

Each year since 2001, tens of thousands of music fans have gathered to Indio, California to check out the hottest acts in entertainment. The desert vibe and hipster culture that surrounds the festival has made Coachella an event not to be missed and the place to be seen. If you didn’t Instagram that you were at Coachella, do you even have a social life?

Everyone from athletes and celebrities to Silicon Valley techies and everyone lucky enough to snag a $400+ ticket is waiting in anticipation of the event of the year.

So, just how is this show going to go down, and who is going to show up?

Odds on Athletes That Could Attend Coachella

Will Any Member of the Lakers Attend Coachella?-140+100
Will Any Member of the Clippers Attend Coachella?-140+100
Will Odell Beckham Jr Attend Coachella?-110-130
Will Cam Newton Attend Coachella?-110-130
Will Michael Jordan Attend Coachella?+550-1000

All odds taken January 6th

As Coachella is such a place to be seen and it’s close enough to most of these teams, it’s easy to imagine that at least one representative from the Lakers and Clippers will be spotted within the crowds.

But big-name stars like Odell Beckham Jr, who attended last year, will probably have something better to do. Once you’ve done Coachella, do you really need to go the following year anyway? Probably not.

Cam Newton attended in 2017 and skipped it for the most recent two.

Over the years, more and more stars tend to attend this massive festival, but you always hear of different people showing up. Most of the attendees are Millennials, so it’s hard to imagine Michael Jordan would bother.

Lakers: Yes (-140)

Clippers: Yes (-140)
Beckham Jr: No (-130)
Newton: No (-130)
Jordan: No (-1000)


Will Rage Against the Machine Show an Anti-Trump Sign?

OutcomeOdds at MyBookie

Rage Against the Machine is the quintessential rebellious musical act. They always have been – it’s even built into their band name. So will they take this headlining opportunity to show their lack of support for the President? Absolutely.

Fans will be waiting for Rage to declare their anti-Trump stance during their set and it’s only a matter of time before they give the people what they want.

Pick: Yes (-500)

Will Kylie Jenner Sing on Stage With Travis Scott?

OddOdds at MyBookie

Will Kylie jump on stage to sing? Well, she only has one lyric to her credit, last year’s accidentally viral “Rise and Shine”.

While the celebrity couple has been rumored to be back together since mid-December, it’s unlikely the A-list hip-hop star would use his golden opportunity as a main stage Coachella headliner for a joke moment.

It would certainly be clever, cute, and even fun celeb-spotting to see Kylie jump up during Scott’s set, it’s also much more likely to see Scott do his own thing.

Pick: No (-700)

Will Lil Nas X Bring Out Billy Ray Cyrus?

OddOdds at MyBookie

Everyone expected Lil Nas X to be a one-hit-wonder, but those people clearly haven’t heard “Panini”. Nas X definitely wowed the Coachella curating committee, too. His inclusion in this year’s lineup shows his staying power and enduring relevance.

But Lil Nas’ set will be incomplete without the song that made him famous: “Old Town Road”. That song’s impressive history would be nothing without Billy Ray Cyrus, the country star whose career was reborn thanks to his collaboration on this tune.

Lil Nas X and Cyrus first performed “Old Town Road” live last year, with remix collaborator Diplo, at Stagecoach Festival. The pair also joined Cyrus’ daughter Miley for another live collaboration at last year’s Glastonbury Festival.

With “Old Town Road”‘s growing history of music festival spottings, it wouldn’t be the same without Cyrus.

Pick: Yes (-200)

Will Carly Rae Jepsen Sing “Call Me Maybe”?

OddOdds at MyBookie

Jepsen’s catalog has seen her go from chart-topping star to a more indie-status cult star. She’s beloved by those who are impressed by her musical turn: her post-“Call Me Maybe” tuned are certainly less poppy than the song that made her a household name.

But even though she’s worlds away from the Billboard charts with her new blend of indie pop, Jepsen is playing to the masses at Coachella. All recent appearances at fests and on her most recent tour included the iconic pop hit.

She might fill her set with more recent hits and fan-favorite deep cuts, but there’s no doubt “Call Me Maybe” will make an appearance.

Pick: Yes (-500)

What Will the Total Number of Deaths by Overdose Be?

OddOdds at MyBookie
Over 1.5+110
Under 1.5-150

Given Coachella’s long history, the death count for the festival is thankfully quite low. The festival sadly saw attendees pass away in 2008 and 2014, respectively, with one death each year.

The festival’s promoters have done an excellent job keeping attendees safe and sound for the most part. Given that security at the festivals is in place to combat substances, the people behind Coachella are doing everything in their power to keep people healthy. That will continue in 2020.

Pick: Under 1.5 (-150)

Super Bowl 54 Odds Tracker

Will Danny Elfman Play The Simpsons Theme?

OddOdds at MyBookie

With an incredible resume to his credit, Elfman has dozens of options for what to pull out of his catalog for this performance.

Typically, Elfman tends to play sets around his iconic and trademark Nightmare Before Christmas score and soundtrack, but he also has been known to play his other Tim Burton soundtrack offerings such as Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Alice in Wonderland.

But Coachella is the place where artists tend to pull out wildcards, rare song selections and, in some cases, career one-time-exclusives.

Performing the very short (we’re talking one minute and 23 seconds short) Simpsons theme would certainly be an opportunity for Elfman to dazzle his crowd. And if he’s like any other entertainer at Coachella, he’s looking to dazzle.

Pick: Yes (-120)

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