Was Horace Grant Actually a Source for The Jordan Rules? See Odds on Which Member of the Bulls Could’ve Been Sam Smith’s Source

Horace Grant and Michael Jordan talk

Horace Grant and Michael Jordan's feud is still simmering after The Last Dance. Photo from @CBSSportsNBA (Twitter)

  • In the wake of ESPN’s The Last Dance, Horace Grant had some choice words on his portrayal by the documentary and Michael Jordan in an interview with BetOnline
  • It’s long been rumored that Grant was a primary source of confidential information for Sam Smith’s infamous book, The Jordan Rules
  • See the full interview featuring Grant, Ron Harper, Bill Cartwright & Craig Hodges within the story below

As the 10 episode run of ESPN’s The Last Dance  came to a close this past Sunday, former teammates of Michael Jordan who weren’t portrayed in a flattering light are now having their say.

While Jordan had notable feuds with opponents Isaiah Thomas, Reggie Miller and Karl Malone, the Bulls internal strife during their decade of dominance still burns as strong as ever.

Horace Grant was one of Jordan’s targets during the Bulls first three-peat, as Jordan believes he was the leak to beat writer Sam Smith for his infamous book, The Jordan Rules.

In a recent interview with BetOnline’s Dave Kaplan, Grant was adamant that he didn’t leak any info to Smith, calling the accusation “A damn lie.”

With Grant’s retort that many other players, MJ included, spent time with Smith and could of provided information, it got us thinking – who could’ve been the leak inside the locker room?

Odds on Sam Smith’s Primary Source in The Jordan Rules

PersonSBD Odds
Phil Jackson4/1
Scottie Pippen5/1
Michael Jordan5/1
Jerry Krause7/1
Horace Grant9/1
Doug Collins11/1
Bill Cartwright15/1
Jerry Reinsdorf20/1

Everybody Had Something to Say

Phil Jackson is the favorite in these fictional odds, as we know from his ensuing 30 years in the NBA world that the media was his motivational tactic of choice.

Whether poking players through writers during his run as coach in Chicago and Los Angeles, or in his books More than a Game, The Last Season or Eleven Rings – Jackson has no qualms about divulging sensitive information from inside the locker room.

We know Scottie Pippen harbored a lot of resentment throughout his tenure with the Bulls due to his contract situation and standing within the organization – could he have vented to Smith?

He hasn’t been afraid to be outspoken in his run on ESPN’s The Jump, and with how under-appreciated at the time it would certainly make sense for him to try and get under Michael’s skin through leaking locker room talk.

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Did Jordan’s Treatment of Teammates Lead to Leaks?

While Grant and Cartwright vehemently have denied divulging information to Smith, the stories of Jordan’s treatment of his teammates could certainly lead to it.

If he’s denying you food, or abusing you at practice, why not use Smith as your outlet to let out a little dirt on the man that liked to be called “Black Jesus”.

While we’ll likely never know the true source of the insider stories in The Jordan Rules, it’s safe to assume Smith collected information from at least two of the players and coaches on the team, if not more.

With the passion his name still elicits from former teammates, one thing is certain – nobody will ever be like Mike again.

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