Venezuela Predictions 2014

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French Open 2014: Garbiñe Muguruza, Latina Women Lead the Charge at … – Latin Post

Latin PostFrench Open 2014: Garbiñe Muguruza, Latina Women Lead the Charge at …Latin PostThis year's Women's French Open gave us a huge upset in the second round, when Garbiñe Muguruza out of Venezuela defeated top seed Serena Williams in straight sets. And she's only one of several Hispanic stars that have been shining at this year's …and more »

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Questions and Answers

What is the likelihood that the US Dollar could be in danger as the world’s currency?What will it mean to our economy if we do loose the world's currency status? If so, when is the estimated time this might happen? Would it be better to buy gold, silver and other precious metals in place of the US Dollar? I read where July 1, 2014 is a good guesstament that the US Dollar will possibly collapse and will it force the prices of commodities to increase drastically in the USA? I'm aware that I'm asking questions that are basically predictions, but I though I might put some feelers out there to see what others are thinking with our economic situation and the instability of the our political officials.

Posted by RONNY
[display_name id=”1″]Near zero. If the US dollar collapses, so does the country and your entire way of life. Venezuela is an excellent example of what could happen.Please cite the article you read making such a ridiculous claim.

Argentina , brasil, chile? What is superiorly in football?

Posted by Capataz
[display_name id=”1″]Argentina and Brazil are the Titans, and for a while, up to 1974 it was Uruguay. Since then it has been just Brazil and Argentina duking it out with an occasional rotation for third (Uruguay in the 1980s, Colombia in the 1990s, and Paraguay during the first decade of this Millenium, with Uruguay, Ecuador close by).Chile was always competitive but was never a Big Boy soccer wise continentally (1962 their big achievement finishing 3rd place IN CHILE !). For the next decade (WC 2014 and 2018) Chile seems to be the candidate to replace Paraguay it the rotation as the Third Big Boy to accompany the two Titans. But I wouldn't bet on it. It seems Uruguay will have a surge, Colombia will begin to rise, Venezuela and Ecuador competitive and seeking to rise. Chile's future as the next Big Boy is uncertain.

FYI — The hype about Chile is all that — hype. Did you know they finished tied for second with PARAGUAY but because of Goal Difference they took second place (+10 over Paraguay's +6)? So why not the hype and hoopla over Paraguay? Why not see them as a future semi-finalist? WHY? WHY? WHY?

Prediction — Chile will suffer the Colombia syndrome of 1994. You watch Honduras knock em out.

2014 F1 driver lineup predictions?I think there will be some changes in the driver lineups for next season, pay drivers seem to be more present outside the top teams. So, here is my predictions:Red Bull (Renault) – Sebastian Vettel & Daniel Ricciardo
Ferrari (Ferrari)- Fernando Alonso & Kimi Raikkonen
Mercedes (Mercedes) – Lewis Hamilton & Nico Rosberg
Lotus (Renault) – Romain Grosjean & Nico Hulkenberg or Felipe Massa
McLaren (Mercedes) – Jenson Button & Sergio Perez
Force India (Mercedes) – Adrian Sutil & Paul di Resta
Sauber (Ferrari) – Esteban Gutierrez & Sergey Sirotkin
Toro Rosso (Renault) – Jean-Eric Vergne & Daniil Kyvat
Williams (Mercedes) – Pastor Maldonado & Valtteri Bottas
Marussia (Ferrari) – Jules Bianchi & Kevin Magnussen or Max Chilton
Caterham (Renault) – Charles Pic & Heikki Kovalainen or Giedo van der Garde

Do you agree or disagree, and why?
I think di Resta's future at Force India does look uncertain, but for me I think Maldonado will spend another year at Williams, and I can't see anyone other than Maldonado in the Force India next season if they dump di Resta.
By the way Richard, I meant by having either Magnussen or Chilton in the Marussia for example. I didnt mean having three drivers, I meant either one of the two.

Posted by Hazza
[display_name id=”1″]Maldonado hates Williams, and Williams hate Maldonado, they're constantly arguing with each other saying the other is bad at driving or bad at making a car. Maldonado brings millions of Venezuelan cash, Sauber have millions of Russian cash, Lotus will have millions of Bruneian and American cash so they don't have to have Maldonado and can instead have Hulkenberg, leaving Maldonado with Force India, run by Vijay Mallya whose main business- Kingfisher Airlines went bust earlier this year, and with Di Resta's poor form in most of the recent races, his critiscm of Force India- Maldonado is a likely partner for Sutil in 2014.
Hence Massa will go to Williams, and maybe get extra sponsorship, not just from Petrobras but also from PDVSA as Williams have a contract with PDVSA and not just Maldonado, if PDVSA don't sponsor a Williams driver next year they'll be sued, and sponsoring Massa would be the perfect solution as he is a South American but may not go entirely easily as he is Brazilian and there is a bit of turbulence right now in Venezuela over Government sponsorship of drivers, many wanting to keep the money to just Venezuelans if not at all.
Sirotkin is crap, he won't get the superlicence and Vitaly Petrov shall take the seat at Sauber for he is Russian and a perfect substitute. Either that or Gutierrez will be dumped for a Petrov-Sirotkin line-up but with backing from the richest man on the planet and a bunch of Russian billionaires, Sauber won't go far wrong with Sirotkin-Gutierrez line-up moneywise, talentwise they'll be nowhere however
Otherwise- we agree.
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