USA World Cup Odds

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Bargains on USA's World Cup odds not found in Vegas –

Bargains on USA's World Cup odds not found in VegasSportingNews.comOdds on the U.S. Soccer team winning the World Cup can be found as high as 300-to-1 in the European betting market. Yet, for weeks this spring, MGM Resorts, Nevada's largest sports book operator, had the U.S. Listed at 10-to-1 – and was taking plenty …

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Questions and Answers

Which team has the best odds for the World Cup?

Posted by lordsmd
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Brazil has got the best odds but ENGLAND will defy the best of odds to WIN the World Cup. Check this…

Odds to Win The World Cup Germany 2006
Brazil 11/5
Argentina 9/1
Germany 7/1
England 15/2
Netherlands 14/1
Italy 10/1
France 14/1
Spain 14/1
Portugal 22/1
Czech Republic 22/1
Sweden 36/1
Ukraine 50/1
Mexico 40/1
Croatia 62/1
Serbia & Montenegro 80/1
Ivory Coast 78/1
USA 40/1
Poland 80/1
Paraguay 150/1
Japan 200/1
Ecuador 195/1
Ghana 190/1
Switzerland 95/1
South Korea 190/1
Tunisia 240/1
Australia 130/1
Togo 400/1
Angola 450/1
Costa Rica 425/1
Iran 450/1
Saudi Arabia 600/1
Trinidad & Tobago 800/1.

World Cup 2010 : USA v England on 7th June?

What are the odds of a USA win?

Posted by Smiling JW™
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June 12 is the date for that game. USA has some chance, especially since USA tends to start well and England usually starts slowly.

England to win the World-Cup?

To win, Skybet has England at 7/1 ; Brazil 5/1 ; Spain 5/1 ; Italy 10/1 ; Germany 10/1 ; France 20/1. I think that the England squad has been mocked far too much by people. They are a real threat, and should be respected. Do you agree with these odds?

Posted by StevieR
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I am inpress with Capello, and what he has done so far. I think England has a realistic chance to win the World Cup next year. Italy showed at the Confed Cup that they have a lot of work to do to win it again. France is struggling to gel. Spain, very surprised to be beaten by USA. Brazil is unpredictable, as they can have the best team on paper, but they can't perform and play as a unit. The same can be said about England, but I think it is also about time for England to shine on the big stage. A valuable bet would be on England!

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