Updated James Holzhauer “Jeopardy!” Odds After Winning 27th Game

  • BookMaker is out with a new series of prop wagers on Jeopardy sensation James Holzhauer
  • He's now won 27 consecutive games on the show
  • Holzhauer's May 24 victory pushed him past $2 million in earnings

James Holzhauer just keeps on rolling. He's the Energizer Bunny with a brain.

The Jeopardy superstar was a winner again on Friday, his 27th straight victory on the show. Succesfully wagering $35,000 on Final Jeopardy, Holzhauer's end-of-show cumulative total moved to $2,065,535.

How high will it get? How far will he go?

BookMaker is out with an updated set of its Holzhauer prop wagers most recently offered after he won his 21st game.

Can James Catch Ken?

As impressive as Holzhauer's run is proving to be, the fact of the matter is that 27 is a long way off of 74.

Ken Jennings reigned over Jeopardy from June 2nd-Nov. 29th, during his record 74-game win streak in 2004.

Will James Holzhauer Beat Ken Jennings' 74-Game Jeopardy Win Streak?

Will Holzhauer Beat Jennings? Odds at
Yes +180
No -230

*Odds taken 05/25/19

With his aggressive style of play, logic suggests that fate must eventually catch up to Holzhauer long before Game no. 74. Even the all-time greats are eventually toppled.

Play: No (-230)

Who Will End King James' Rule?

It was a woman who stopped Jennings. Nancy Zerg defeated him on November 30th, 2004.

Who Will Beat James Holzhauer On Jeopardy?

Who Will Beat Holzhauer? Odds at BookMaker
Man -425
Woman +300

Men have given Holzhauer his rare close calls thus far. Adam Levin lost to him by $18 on April 29th.

Win no. 26 was gained in bold fashion. Holzhauer trailed Nate Scheffey by $11,200. Holzhauer wagered everything he had – $8200 – on a Daily Double and it paid off.

It's this bold, attacking strategy that seems to rattle Holzhauer's opponents, and it worked again. He ended up winning the game by $16,308.

Play: Man (-425)

Will James Cash In?

Pushing past the $2 million barrier, Holzhauer can most certainly set his sights on one Jennings standard that is within reach. During his 74-game run, Jennings banked a record $2,520,700 in earnings.

Will James Holzhauer Beat Ken Jennings' Jeopardy Earnings Record?

Will Holzhauer Earn More Than Jennings? Odds at BookMaker
Yes -1200
No +700

Holzhauer requires $455,166 to surpass that mark.

At his current per-game earnings rate of $76,582, it would take Holzhauer just six more wins to shatter the Jennings earnings record.

Play: Yes (-1200)

Can He Break The Single-Game Bank Again?

As a professional sports gambler, Holzhauer knows the challenge of beating the house. But where's the challenge if the only one you are trying to beat is yourself?

Will James Holzhauer Top $150,000 In A Single Game?

Will Holzhauer Earn More Than $150,000 in a Game? Odds at BookMaker
Yes +140
No -180

When Holzhauer started on Jeopardy, Roger Craig's $77,000 total stood as the single-game record. He's averaged just $418 under that in per-game earnings.

Holzhauer established a new single-game mark when he banked $131,127 on April 9th. That's going to take some beating, let alone trying to top $150,000 in one episode.

Play: No (-180)

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