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Demi Lovato singing anthem

How long will it take for Demi Lovato to perform the Star Spangled Banner prior to Super Bowl 54? This is one of many National Anthem-related props on offer at Bovada and BetOnline. Photo by: slgckgc on (Flickr)

  • BetOnline and Bovada are offering numerous prop wagers relating to the outcomes of the pregame coin toss and Demi Lovato’s performance of the National Anthem
  • Bovada is offering 10 different prop wagers on the Star-Spangled Banner
  • BetOnline is out with four separate prop bets on the coin toss

How long with the performance of the National Anthem last?

Which way will the coin toss flip?

In sports betting, Super Bowl props are the greatest invention since the point spread. They are both all-encompassing and all-welcoming. Football maven, fair-weather fan, or just watching the big game for the commercials, there’s room in the tent for everyone when it comes to Super Bowl prop wagers.

Two of the staples for producing a multitude of Super Bowl prop offerings are the National Anthem and the coin toss. The beauty of these wagers is that they are generally 50/50 propositions, and there’s a guarantee of an outcome.

The coin must be flipped, and the Star-Spangled Banner will be sung.

And when they do, you can have a bet down. What bet? Well, take a look, because right here in this story are every possible Super Bowl prop on the anthem and coin flip that’s out there to be played.

Super Bowl Coin Toss Props

PropYes OddsNo Odds at BetOnline
What Will Be the Outcome of Super Bowl Coin Toss?-105-105
Will Team That Calls Super Bowl Coin Toss Be Correct?-105-105
Will Team That Wins Super Bowl Coin Toss Win Game?-105-105
PropDefer to Second HalfReceive Ball
What Will Team That Wins Super Bowl Coin Toss Opt to Do?-650+375

Odds taken Jan. 29

A 50-50 Shot?

Tails owns a 28-25 edge over heads in the outcome of the Super Bowl coin toss.

Last season, Matthew Slater of the New England Patriots called heads on the Super Bowl 53 coin flip. Tails was the outcome for the fifth time in six games. But prior to that, heads was riding a five-game win streak.

Play the odds of probability here. Heads is due for a win.

Pick: Heads (-105)

Which Way Will It Go?

Last year, the Rams won the toss but the Patriots won the game. In fact, history shows us that it’s better to start the Super Bowl with a loss.

Losers of the coin toss have won 29 of 53 Super Bowls. The coin toss loser is riding a five-game win streak heading into Sunday.

Pick: No (-105)

Will Coin Toss Winner Take It or Leave It?

When it comes to deferments, the Kansas City Chiefs get more of them than Donald Trump did from the draft board during the Vietnam War.

Last season, the Chiefs won the coin toss prior to 11 regular-season games, an NFL high. All 11 times, they deferred to the second half. They also opted to defer after winning the toss prior to the 2019 AFC Championship Game against the Tennessee Titans.

In last year’s Super Bowl, the Rams opted to defer after winning the toss.

It’s a move that makes sense. Teams figure to be nervous to start such a big game. Why not give the other club’s offense the ball to start and see if they don’t commit a major faux pas right off the bat?

The Chiefs are 0-2 in Super Bowl coin flips. The 49ers are 4-2.

Super Bowl National Anthem Props

Yes/No National Anthem PropsYes OddsNo Odds
Will President Trump Sing Along to National Anthem? (BetOnline)+200-300
Will Any Player Raise a Fist During National Anthem? (BetOnline)+600-1500
Will Any Player Take a Knee During National Anthem? (Bovada)+400-700
Will Demi Lovato Be Wearing a Skirt, Dress or Gown to Sing National Anthem? (Bovada)-175+135
Will Demi Lovato’s Microphone Be Black? (Bovada)-250+170
Will Demi Lovato’s Microphone Be on a Stand? (Bovada)-160+120
Demi Lovato to Omit Of Forget a Word During National Anthem? (Bovada)+375-650
Will Demi Lovato Wear Nail Polish During National Anthem? (BetOnline)-1750+650
Will Fireworks Be Heard Right After Bombs Bursting in Air? (BetOnline)+175-260
Will Scoring Drive Take Less Time Than Length of Anthem? (BetOnline)-250+170
Will Broadcast Show Members of Military During National Anthem? (BetOnline)-5000+2000
Over/Under National Anthem PropsOver OddsUnder Odds
Length of National AnthemOver 2:01 (-175)Under 2:01 (+135)
Length Of Final Word “Brave” in National Anthem?Over 5.5 Seconds (-175)Under 5.5 Seconds (+135)
Shown First PropsOption 1Option 2
Quarterback Shown First During National Anthem?Patrick Mahomes (-150)Jimmy Garappolo (+110)
Tight End Shown First During National Anthem?Travis Kelce (-120)George Kittle (-120)
Coach Shown First During National Anthem?Odds at BetOnline
Andy Reid+110
Kyle Shanahan+120
No Coach Shown+350
Rob Saleh+550
Alternate Length LinesOdds at Bovada
Over 2:04-130
Under 2:04EVEN
Over 2 Minutes-230
Under 2 Minutes+160
Over 1:58-330
Under 1:58+215
Over 1:55-450
Under 1:55+275

Demi Prefers the Stand

Every time Lovato has sung the anthem outdoors at a major sporting event, she’s gone with a microphone stand.

Pick: Yes (-160)

Expect Fireworks

Fireworks will most certainly detonate right after Lovato sings “bombs bursting in air.” It’s the Super Bowl after all. They’ll blow it up big.

Pick: Yes (+175)

Face Time

Let me rattle off a few quick picks for who will be shown first:

How Fast Will Demi Do It?

The wonderful factor in terms of Demi Lovato and the Star-Spangled Banner is that past sporting events offer a rich tapestry of examples of her work.

She’s lengthened with age. At a 2009 Dallas Cowboys Thanksgiving game, Lovato’s rendition lasted 1:52. At Game 5 of the 2011 World Series, she went 1:48.

Lately, though she’s taking her time. Lovato belted out the Star Spangled Banner for 1:59 at Game 4 of the 2015 World Series. She set a personal best of 2:01 at the 2017 Mayweather-McGregor fight.

This is the Super Bowl. She’ll milk it.

Pick: Over 2 Minutes (-230 at Bovava)

When it comes to the final word, Lovato is fairly consistent on this note. She’s held brave for six seconds in each of her last three anthems at sporting events.

Pick: Over 5.5 Seconds (-175)

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