Odds to be Benched During 2019 NFL Season for Keenum, Fitzpatrick, Flacco & Manning

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Well, this is never fun: predicting the demise of an aging QB in the NFL.

However, this isn't even writing on the wall. This is a countdown clock in bright neon lights – albeit a more depressing version of Times Square on December 31.

Let's navigate through and find a winning bet amongst the rubble of pivots destined to be holding a clipboard this season.

Odds to Be Benched During 2019 NFL Season

QBTeamYes OddsNo Odds at
Ryan FitzpatrickMiami Dolphins-500+300
Joe FlaccoDenver Broncos+240-320
Eli ManningNew York Giants-1000+500
Case KeenumWashington Redskins-400+250

* Odds from 09/06/19

All four quarterbacks have youngsters at different points of development behind them, but each one of these four can't be facing the identical fate in 2019, can they?

Can Fitzpatrick and Keenum Keep their Spots?

Let's start in Miami, where the tanktastic Dolphins have shredded a plethora of usable pieces in favor of draft picks. They actually might have the perfect quarterback to bring this all to form: the man known as Fitzmagic. At his best, the Harvard alum is going over the top of the defense, looking for the home run ball, and reminding everyone that he's a serviceable pivot.

At his worst? How about Week 3 last year as Ryan Fitzpatrick navigated Tampa to 2-0 before crashing into the retaining wall in primetme against the Steelers. It was the first of five straight losses before getting the mercy plug.

He'll at least keep things interesting, before blowing it. The Dolphins want as many L's as possible, and letting Fitz ride off into the sunset leading the league in picks and sacks would be fitting.

How bad is the Dolphins' O-line? Unless you're a football guru, you couldn't name anyone after Laremy Tunsil, who's now in Houston. The Fins have a potentially legitimate star QB in second-year man Josh Rosen, but do you dare trot him out there in this carnage? Maybe it's impossible to fight the urge for the Dolphins to actually see what they have in Rosen, but Fitz may be playing you into Tua Tagovailoa or Justin Herbert.

Meanwhile, in DC, Case Keenum will get a chance to recapture his Minnesota lightning in a bottle as the only viable option. Barring a Keenum meteor-like flash of success, it's inevitable Dwayne Haskins will see playing time. And unlike Miami, they actually have professional football players that could form an offensive line that won't shave years off Haskins' career.

What About Joe and Eli?

The bar for quarterbacking play in Denver has been about heel-high since Peyton Manning retired. Even competent play from Joe Flacco will be a boon for a Broncos team that appears to have talent in many places, particularly defense. If Flacco has any juice in his 34-year-old arm, the recipe to Denver's last Super Bowl triumph is right there for him to follow.

Of course, that's a mighty if. We're about to find out if it was the system in Baltimore or his declining skills that led to him ceding his starting spot to Lamar Jackson. Still, he'll have to be awfully bad to get Drew Lock into a game. The second-round draft pick and heir apparent did not look ready for his shot yet.

As for Eli Manning, it's well stated that he's just not NFL starting caliber to anyone … but the New York Giants braintrust, particularly GM Dave Gettleman, who believes Eli could start for another three years.

It appeared that was his goal, after drafting Daniel Jones waaaaay higher than anyone expected, at the six spot. Jones projected to need some serious time to transition to the pro game, but then something weird happened this preseason: the kid started spinning.

How long before Giants fans start calling for the rookie? The second pass that Manning two-skips to Saquon Barkley in the flat in the first quarter of Week 1?

What's the Best Bet?

All my choices for this bet are chalk. Keenum, Fitzpatrick and Manning will find their way to the pine, and Flacco should steer the Broncos to contention for a playoff spot in Denver. However, if you wanted a wager that would return some value, I would take Fitzmagic to be black magic and not get benched in Miami (+300), pushing the Dolphins to the top draft pick in 2020. in 14 seasons, the guy has surpassed six wins as a starter just once. There is really no one more qualified to put up a losing fight, and it could earn you a nice win if you have the guts to do it.

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