Odds Say DeMarcus Cousins Re-Signs With Warriors For 2019-20 NBA Season; Mavs Given 3-1 Odds

  • DeMarcus Cousins had 11 points, 10 rebounds, and six assists in Game 2 of the NBA Finals
  • The Golden State Warriors will be strapped for cash in free agency and Cousins will likely get more money elsewhere
  • Don't be surprised if the Los Angeles Lakers end up with Cousins as rumors suggest he's a fall-back plan for them

DeMarcus Cousins suffered a right quadriceps strain in the opening round of the 2019 NBA Playoffs and at that point, many assumed that would be the last we saw of him with the Golden State Warriors. However, the free agent-to-be made a swift return and has played well since. Will the Warriors keep him? The odds suggest so.

DeMarcus Cousins Free Agency Odds

Which Team Will DeMarcus Cousins Be on for Game 1 of the 2019-20 Season? Odds at
Golden State Warriors +200
Dallas Mavericks +300
Los Angeles Clippers +400
Los Angeles Lakers +500
New York Knicks +600
Brooklyn Nets +600

*Odds taken 06/04/19

Cousins Makes Fast Recovery

One of the reasons it appears Cousins returned quickly is because of erroneous reports. Originally, it was reported that he tore his quadriceps in the opening round, which would make for a miraculous comeback just weeks later. However, it was a much milder strain, which is what makes this time frame more reasonable.

With a torn quadriceps, Cousins would have been out well into free agency and that would have cost him millions. As it stands now, he’s back and playing effectively. He’s probably not in the conversation for a max contract, but teams will throw a lot of money at the four-time All-Star.

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Warriors Are Favored

A more serious injury actually could have helped the Warriors' case for re-signing him. They’re going to be tight on cash as they also have to re-sign Klay Thompson. Had Cousins’ value decreased, they would have been more of a factor.

However, Cousins really shined in Game 2 – especially with Thompson, Kevin Durant and Kevon Looney out. He finished with 11 points, 10 rebounds, and six assists in 28 minutes. Although the Warriors are favored here, I have a hard time believe he’ll be a priority for them.

Center is not a make-or-break position in the NBA right now, and if any team can survive without one, it might be the Warriors, who often play small-ball with Draymond Green playing at the five. The Warriors will need to rebuild their bench and if Cousins keeps playing like this, he’ll be too expensive for them. This is a bad line; don't bet the Warriors to retain him.

Keep an Eye on the Knicks

Knicks fans are starting to get a little nervous as a report from Ric Bucher this week suggested that Kyrie Irving’s decision is down to the Los Angeles Lakers and Brooklyn Nets. If that’s the case, Durant might also pass on the Knicks. If they’re left scrambling to fill the void, Cousins immediately becomes an option.

Should they really throw a ton of money at him? No. Have the Knicks made a slew of ill-advised financial decisions over the last decade? Absolutely. The fanbase will go berserk if the Knicks don’t get anybody, so a Cousins signing could make sense.

Lakers Are a Value Play

I’m personally of the opinion that things will go sour in Los Angeles this offseason. Given what we’ve seen with Magic Johnson departing, Rob Pelinka appearing clueless, and the New Orleans Pelicans' insistence on not dealing Anthony Davis to the Lakers, this team is reeling to find talent for LeBron James.

I can see them whiffing on Irving, Durant, Kawhi Leonard, and Thompson, and ending up with Jimmy Butler and Cousins. Cousins can sign with the Lakers and still compete for a ring and they’ll have more money to offer him than the Warriors.

Cousins is one of their fall-back plans and given that there’s a good chance they’ll whiff on the big names, there’s a good chance he could be in purple and gold next season.

Pick: Los Angeles Lakers (+500)

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