Odds Say Chris Cuomo Will Not Be Suspended/Fired by CNN, Will Not Apologize

  • Chris Cuomo got into a verbal altercation recently that went viral
  • Cuomo was offended when he was called “Fredo” and defended himself by threatening the heckler
  • Cuomo has since apologized for his behavior, releasing a statement on Twitter

Chris Cuomo found himself in a pickle on Tuesday as a story of him threatening a heckler went viral. That’s led to the mainstream media outlets picking it up as well as well as the conservative side of the spectrum giving him a hard time. MyBookie.ag has posted lines on what will happen to Cuomo in terms of firing or suspension, so should we expect a punishment?

Chris Cuomo Fired Prop

Will Chris Cuomo Be Fired  By 11:59 PM On August 16Odds at

*Odds as of 13/08/2019.

Cuomo Heckled, Called “Fredo”

Cuomo, who is a well-known anchor on CNN, was out with his nine-year-old daughter recently when another citizen approached him and called him “Fredo”. This refers to the movie The Godfather and is a derogatory term in the sense that it’s like basically calling him the dumber brother. He has a brother, Andrew, who is the 56th Governor of New York.

Chris Cuomo lost his cool in the exchange as he felt that “Fredo” was essentially a slur on the same par as the N-word for African Americans. He said so in the video and threatened the citizen, shouting back “I’ll throw your punk ass down the stairs!”

The good news is that the situation was just a verbal altercation and that’s where it ended. Even so, it’s not a good look for Cuomo, who is a public figure and probably shouldn’t behave this way.

Chris Cuomo Suspension Prop

Will Chris Cuomo Be Suspended By 11:59 PM On August 16Odds at MyBookie

Cuomo Apologized on Twitter, Received Plenty of Support

The key to betting this prop is seeing how Cuomo has reacted and how the community has supported him. Cuomo has already responded on Twitter with an apology for his behavior and he’s likely to follow up with one when he’s on the air next. I would bet on the “Yes” for that prop.

Furthermore, a lot of people have supported Cuomo. Even if the United States President, Donald Trump, poked fun at Cuomo, popular FOX News Host Sean Hannity came out in support. That goes to show that this is more of a heckler being an idiot than anything else.

Chris Cuomo Apology Prop

Will Chris Cuomo Be Apologize On-Air By 11:59 PM On August 16Odds at MyBookie

Will Cuomo be Punished?

At this point, I wouldn’t be on it. There’s nothing egregious that happened here. We know that the political climate in the U.S. is very divided right now and Cuomo – although a tad aggressive – was mostly defending himself. He was also out with his nine-year-old daughter and someone went out of their way to antagonize him.

The other key here is that we don’t see the rest of the video. It looks like it’s a bit of a setup for Cuomo and we don’t know what happened before it. As a result, it’s hard to really fault him here.

Keep in mind that CNN has already come out and defended him, so betting on ‘No’ on the suspension or firing prop seems like easy money – even if there is a lot of juice.

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