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Eddie Murphy

Eddie Murphy slated to host SNL for the first time in over three decades. Photo by David Shankbone (Wiki Commons)

  • On Saturday, December 21, Eddie Murphy returns to Saturday Night Live for the first time in 35 years
  • Murphy, a former SNL cast member, is promoting his Netflix-produced film My Name is Dolemite
  • Singer Lizzo is on hand to be the evening’s musical guest

When it comes to pop culture, there’s nothing quite as all-consuming as Saturday Night Live. The culmination of all forces of entertainment, SNL is the pinnacle for those in the spotlight.

Being parodied on SNL is an honor in its own right, but to actually host the show is one of the truest achievements in Hollywood. This Saturday, a comedic legend returns to the show for the first time in three and a half decades.

Expectations on viewership are high– all eyes will be on funnyman Eddie Murphy as he returns to his hallowed halls of 30 Rockefeller Plaza. The details of the episode are still under lock and key, so Murphy’s episode still has a lot of intrigue around it.

Eddie Murphy Saturday Night Live Props

Participation in “Weekend Update”-120-120
Portrayal of Buckwheat character-200+150
Portrayal of James Brown-300+275
Portrayal of Mister Robinson-1000+500
Portrayal of Velvet Jones-200+150
Portrayal of political figure-300+200
Opens the show by singing+200-300

All odds taken Dec. 20

Eddie Murphy’s presence on Saturday Night Live has been a tumultuous one. He joined the cast in season six as a featured player, was added in as a regular cast member the following year and then departed officially during season nine in 1984. Since then, he’s only been back as a host once– also in 1984.

Back when Murphy was an SNL cast member, he ended up hosting the show when scheduled host Nick Nolte was sick. He’s still the only sitting cast member to also host. His start on SNL was one for the books.

But things got rocky when David Spade, a cast member of the time, took a personal shot at Murphy during the “Weekend Update” segment. It created a beef and bad blood that had Murphy choose to stay away from the show for so long.

But now, 35 years later, Murphy is back. It’s a hell of a comeback—one that many fans of the show are thrilled about. Will the episode be an homage to Murphy’s classic roster of former characters or something altogether new?

Many of Murphy’s characters have been remembered throughout the years. None of them are more well-loved than Buckwheat. It seems two throwbacks will be enough, so count on Mister Robinson and Buckwheat to make the cut and the rest of the segments to feature newer material– including a political figure.

Pick: Buckwheat – Yes (-200)
Pick: Mister Robinson – Yes (-1000)
Pick: James Brown – No (+275)
Pick: Velvet Jones – No (+150)
Pick: Political Figure – Yes (-300)

Given his rocky relationship with “Weekend Update” it only makes sense for Murphy to appear on the segment this time around to make a tongue-in-cheek jab back at Spade. Given that roles have now reversed, Murphy could have this chance to take a shot at Spade’s career.

Pick: “Weekend Update” – Yes (-120)

Eddie Murphy isn’t exactly well-known for his singing. Yes, many stars begin their episodes of SNL with a song and dance routine but it’s more plausible for Murphy to be self-reflective and talk about his absence from the show.

Pick: Opens the show by singing – No (-300)

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Odds Jeopardy! Is a Sketch

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Out of all the classic SNL sketches to appear in this episode,  Jeopardy! is less likely. Murphy has no connection to the sketch series given that it wasn’t popular during his time on the show.


If anything, the inclusion of Murphy on Jeopardy! is a chance to make up lost time– had Murphy not had bad blood with SNL throughout the ’90s and early 2000s, he would have already had his chance.

Odds on Which Song Lizzo Sings First

OddOdds at BetOnline
“Cuz I Love You”+275
“Truth Hurts”+350
“Good as Hell”+700
“Exactly How I Feel”+1000
“Like A Girl”+1200

Typically, SNL musical performers lead with their most current big single. In Lizzo’s case, that’d be “Truth Hurts”. She had a major song of the year with this bop, and she’ll likely lead with it.

If Lizzo is going to use this appearance to debut a new single, she’s probably going to do that in her second act. She’ll reel them in with a track they already know and then roll out a new jam to get stuck in their heads.

Pick: “Truth Hurts” (+350)

Odds Lizzo Is in a Sketch

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Again, going with SNL trends, there’s a lot to be learned when you judge on past episodes. Most episodes that feature a ‘celebrity’ musician include that musician in the sketches– see the recent Niall Horan, Travis Scott, and Shawn Mendes episodes.

Since Lizzo is one of the most well-known stars to appear on SNL this season, they’re likely to use her acting skills in a sketch. Since she got some acting practice earlier this year in Hustlers, it’ll be good to see Lizzo give it a go again in an SNL sketch.

Pick: Yes (-200)

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