Odds on Exact Outcome of NBA Championship – You Can Get +350 Odds Betting Warriors Over Raptors

  • The Warriors will play for the NBA Championship for the fifth year in a row
  • The Eastern Conference Finals between the Bucks and Raptors is currently tied 2-2
  • See all the odds for the exact outcome of the 2019 NBA Championship

The Golden State Warriors have been runaway favorites to win the NBA Championship since they won last year. The team's starting rotation is practically an all-star lineup. But, all season long, the odds for them haven't been good. However, you can get the Warriors to win the championship at +350 if you correctly pick them to beat the Toronto Raptors.

NBA Championship Exact Outcome Odds

2019 NBA Championship Outcome Odds at
Warriors beat Bucks -125
Bucks beat Warriors +290
Warriors beat Raptors +350
Raptors beat Warriors +1200

*All odds taken 05/23/19

Who's the Best Bet?

The best bet no question about it is the Golden State Warriors to win the championship again. But, the question now is deciding who they will play against. The Bucks and Raptors have gone back-and-forth this series, but Toronto has arguably played better in the series and should be up 3-1 if they never blew a double-digit lead in Game 1.

Now, I like the Warriors to win the finals for a couple of reasons. First, they are extremely talented, and Kevin Durant is expected to play in the finals although he may miss the first game or two. Nonetheless, they still have the likes of Steph Curry, Klay Thompson, and Draymond Green among others leading their team.

2019 NBA Championship Odds Tracker

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Throughout the playoffs, the reigning champions are leading the NBA in points per game (117.3), assists per game (28.5), field goal percentage (48.7%), three-pointers made (192), and three-point percentage (37 percent). They have been dominant all playoffs-long and I expect them to hoist yet another trophy.

Who Will the Warriors Play?

This is where bettors can start making some money. I believe the Toronto Raptors will indeed make the NBA Finals and beat the Milwaukee Bucks. I think Kawhi Leonard will be a big difference in this series, as he has already, and help lead Toronto to their first finals appearance. So, it now makes sense to put money on Toronto winning the series over the Bucks.

NBA Eastern Conference Series Odds

2019 Eastern Conference Finals Outcome Odds at BetOnline
Bucks -285
Raptors +240

You could then bet Toronto to win the series at +240, and then turn those winnings over into the Warriors beating the Raptors to win the finals at +350 odds. Not only do you make double the money in two underdog choices, but you also get way better value here than betting the Warriors straight up to win.

Ultimately, I like the Warriors vs. Raptors final a lot and I believe it will happen as Toronto has been one of the better teams in the playoffs like Golden State.

In the end, I think most believe the Warriors will win again. But, who their opponent will be could very well be whoever wins this Game 5. So, if you are hesitant to bet right now, you could wait until after Game 5 tonight to see, but your odds won't be as good.

Pick: Raptors win series (+240), Warriors wins finals over Toronto (+350)

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