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Moscow Liga Pro

Viktor Ivanov and Vitalii Bazilvesky are 2-2 in their last four Moscow Liga Pro table tennis matches but Ivanov holds an 8-2 edge in their last 10 meetings.

  • Another full slate of all-day action is on tap Wednesday in Moscow Liga Pro table tennis competition
  • Which late afternoon and evening matches offer the best betting opportunities?
  • Analysis of the odds and predictions on outcomes following in the story below

To watch a match of Russian table tennis from the Moscow Liga Pro is not an occasion that will prove pleasing to the naked eye. Two players oppose each other across the court. The only other person in the room is the match official, who flips cards to keep track of the score, much like a kid in a high school gym would do.

The players are walled in by blue tarpaulins hanging on each side of them. The bleak room looks like a place in a bygone era, where KGB agents might have taken a suspected dissident to inform him that they had ways of making him talk.

Russian table tennis, though, has ways of making you money.

Moscow Liga Pro Table Tennis Odds

Vitaly Bazilevsky+137+1.5 (-163)O 70.5 (-120)Viktor Ivanov-188-1.5 (+120)U 70.5 (-120)
Dmitry Merzlikin+110+1.5 (-188)O 75.5 (-120)Vladimir Petrov-150-1.5 (+137)U 75.5 (-120)
Ivan Pandur+300+1.5 (+125)O 70.5 (-120)Dmitrii Basmanov-450-1.5 (-175)U 70.5 (-120)
Aleksei Yanshaev-150-1.5 (+137)O 75.5 (-120)Viktor Ivanov+110+1.5 (-188)U 75.5 (-120)
Kirill Abramov-110+1.5 (-225)O 75.5 (-120)Alexander Chentsov-125-1.5 (+162)U 75.5 (-120)
Dmitrii Basmanov+300+1.5 (+125)O 70.5 (-120)Andrey Sadkov-450-1.5 (-175)U 70.5 (-120)
Vitaly Bazilvesky-150-1.5 (+137)O 75.5 (-120)Aleksei Yanshaev+110+1.5 (-188)U 75.5 (-120)
Sergei Kuzmin-450-1.5 (-175)O 70.5 (-120)Ivan Pandur+300+1.5 (+125)U 70.5 (-120)
Artem Arutiunyan-175-1.5 (+120)O 74.5 (-120)Aleksei Yanshaev+125+1.5 (-163)U 74.5 (-120)
Vladimir Petrov-163-1.5 (+137)O 75.5 (-120)Alexander Chentsov+120+1.5 (-188)U 75.5 (-120)

Odds taken May 6th.

Another set of non-stop Moscow Liga Pro action is on tap again on Wednesday. These are the best bets from Wednesday’s late afternoon and evening matches.

Ivanov-Bazilvesky an Interesting Pairing

There are a number of ways to slice up the ongoing trends in matches between Viktor Ivanov and Vitalii Bazilevsky. Bazilevsky won their most recent meeting. The pair have split their last four matches.

However, when you dig a little deeper into their history as opponents, it becomes evident that Ivanov brings out the terrible in Bazilevsky. Ivanov owns an 8-2 slate over Bazilevsky in their past 10 matches.

Bazilevsky hasn’t won back-to-back matches from Ivanov over their last 13 contests. They’ve met across the net on 37 occasions since late March. Ivanov owns 24 victories in that span.

That includes a six-match winning streak and a pair of three-match runs. Bazilevsky has managed to win more than one in a row against Ivanov just twice in that span.

Overall, Ivanov is 7-9 through his last 16 matches. Bazilevsky is 6-10 in the same amount of time.

Pick: Viktor Ivanov (-188)

Kuzmin Dominates Pandur

Ivan Pandur did something earlier on Wednesday that he’d hadn’t achieved in a long time. He beat Sergei Kuzmin.

History says he won’t do it again for quite some time.

Pandur swept Kuzmin 3-0 in an early Wednesday match. They’re slated to meet again later on in the day and all trends and analytics point to the fact that you should be all over Kuzmin in the rematch.

Pandur’s victory ended his 14-match losing streak against Kuzmin. Pandur’s previous triumph over Kuzmin was a 3-2 decision on April 23rd.

Prior to that verdict, Pandur had lost 21 straight in head-to-head meetings with Kuzmin.

Overall, Pandur is 4-11 in his last 15 matches. Kuzmin shows a 9-3 slate from his previous 12 contests. And he’s never lost two in a row during that stretch.

Pick: Sergei Kuzmin (-450)

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Petrov-Chentsov Show Interesting Pattern

Vladimir Petrov shares a name with a famous Russian hockey player from the 1972 Summit Series. He also shares an intriguing history with Alexander Chentsov.

The two players haven’t faced each other all that often but when they do, the trail they’ve blazed follows an interesting pattern.

Petrov won their last match 3-1. Prior to that, Chentsov was a 3-1 winner. That was preceded by a 3-2 Petrov decision, a 3-2 Chentsov victory and a 3-2 Petrov triumph.

At that point, the trend deviates, though. Petrov won the clash before that one 3-0, giving him successive wins over Pandur.

Petrov is also rolling right now. He’s won seven in a row and 11 of his last 15. Chentsov, on the other hand, has lost three in a row, is 1-5 in his last six and 2-6 in his last eight.

Buck the trend and go with the hot hand.

Pick: Vladimir Petrov (-163)

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