Moscow Liga Pro Table Tennis Odds & Picks for April 26


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Sunday provides another action-filled day of Moscow Liga Pro table tennis, with competiion taking place around the clock.

  • Moscow Liga Pro table tennis is back in action again on Sunday with another full slate of competition
  • Which matches are the best bets from the late afternoon and evening sessions?
  • All of the analysis, picks and predictions follow in the story below

Moscow Liga Pro table tennis is like the Energizer Bunny of coronavirus sporting competition. While the COVID-19 outbreak has shuttered most every other league, Russian table tennis keeps on going and going and going.

All day and all night long, as a matter of fact. There are literally matches being played around the clock, 24-7, every day of the week.

For sports-starved bettors, it’s an action-filled dream come true.

Sunday is no different. Matches are being conducted throughout the day.

Moscow Liga Pro Table Tennis Odds

Aleksandr Petrov-200-1.5 (-110)O 74.5 (-120)Vladimir Nemashkalo+150+1.5 (-150)U 74.5 (-120)
Georgiy Vahnin-150-1.5 (+137)O 75.5 (-120)Vadim Krokhin+110+1.5 (-188)U 75.5 (-120)
Nikita Lyfenko+125+1.5 (-163)O 74.5 (-120)Alexander Gribkov-175+1.5 (+120)U 74.5 (-120)
Denis Sayanov+125+1.5 (-163)O 74.5 (-120)Evgeniy Ilyukhin-175-1.5 (+120)U 75.5 (-120)
Makshim Pronkin+100+1.5 (-225)O 75.5 (-120)Danila Andreev-138-1.5 (+162)U 75.5 (-120)
Yurii Merkushkin+350+2.5 (-200)O 69.5 (-120)Alexey Yanshaev-600+1.5 (+150)U 69.5 (-120)
Alexander Gribkov-225-1.5 (-110)O 73.5 (-120)Yurii Merkushkin+162+1.5 (-125)U 73.5 (-120)
Vadim Krokhin-120+1.5 (-250)O 75.5 (-120)Maksim Pronkin-120-1.5 (+175)U 75.5 (-120)
Vladimir Nemashkalo+110+1.5 (-188)O 75.5 (-120)Denis Sayanov+150-1.5 (+137)U 75.5 (-120)
Danila Andreev+200+1.5 (-120)O 73.5 (-120)Georgiy Vahnin-275-1.5 (-120)U 73.5 (-120)

Odds taken April 26th

Let’s look at some of the best bets on tap from Sunday’s late afternoon and evening schedule.

Russian Table Tennis A Hit

Bettors in search of action have developed a passion for the Moscow Liga Pro. Its endless, around-the-clock matches are a parlay player’s delight. Sportsbooks are reporting that Russian table tennis is often their most popular play during this pandemic pause of most major league sporting events.

Players compete throughout the day in mini round-robin tournaments. It’s also meets with the handicapper’s approval. With so many matches ongoing, there’s plenty of data to assess the odds and to see both developing and ongong trends. Players often meet 10-15 times in a single month of play.

Matches tend to be over quick. They are best three-out-of five sets. Games are played up to 11, although a player must win by a minimum of two points to ultimately gain the victory. Service changes hands every two points.

There’s also plenty of live betting action ongoing, so tracking a player who is strong on his service can provide a fast payday.

Petrov-Nemashkalo All About Streaks

When Alexander Petrov and Vladimir Nemashkalo look across the net at each other, it’s almost a certainty that one of them will be on a roll. Currently, that player is Petrov.

Petrov has won his last five matches from Nemashkalo, and he’s done so in convincing fashion . Three of those five victories were sweeps. He’s lost just one of his last 14 games against Nemashkalo.

Prior to Petrov’s run of success, it was Nemashkalo who was all over him. Nemashkalo won six straight from Petrov. However, four of those matches went the distance, falling 3-2 in Nemashkalo’s favor.

Currently, Nemashkalo is struggling with his form. He’s lost six matches in a row. Nemashkalo is also 1-7 in his last eight and 2-13 over his last 15 matches.

Meanwhile, Petrov is a stellar 11-4 through his last 15 matches, a stretch that includes his five-match win streak against Nemashkalo.

Pick: Aleksandr Petrov (-200).

Gribkov Worth A Go

Yurii Merkushkin is struggling. He’s 2-5 over his last seven matches. On the other hand, he’s also 2-2 through his last four matches, so perhaps he’s turning a corner.

Alexander Gribkov is treading water. He’s gone 5-5 through his last 10 matches.

Gribkov, though, doesn’t tread lightly when facing Merkushkin. He’s won two straight, four of five and five of seven in their recent head-to-head meetings. Extending the series back 12 matches, it goes 8-4 in Gribkov’s favor.

He’s won six of his last eight games against Merkushkin.

Pick: Alexander Gribkov (-225).

Vahnin Holds Hot Hand

Georgiy Vahnin is playing solid table tennis. Through his last 11 matches, he’s 8-3.

Vahnin is also turning in stellar performances when he’s facing Danila Andreev. In their past seven meetings, five have gone Vahnin’s way. He’s won the last two matches via sweep.

Vahnin is 9-1 in his last 10 games against Andreev.

For Andreev, the struggle is real. He’s 2-9 overall through his last 11 matches. Andreev has won one game or fewer in seven of those nine setbacks.

Pick: Georgiy Vahnin (-275).

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