Moscow Liga Pro Table Tennis Odds & Picks for April 12


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Bettors continue to keep a close eye on Moscow Liga Pro table tennis competition. Photo by: Javid Nikpour/Tasnim News Agency.

  • A full slate of matches are again on top Sunday in Moscow Liga Pro table tennis competition
  • Where should you put your money down? Which games offer the best value?
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Who would’ve figured that Moscow Liga Pro table tennis would be the Easter Sunday savior of sports betting?

This April weekend normally would be dominated by the Stanley Cup playoffs and NBA and MLB action – not to mention The Masters.

Instead, fellows like Anatoly Trushkin, Vasily Shirshov and Andrey Babkin are becoming household names in households starved for the chance to place a bet on a sporting event.

With as many as 90 matches carded in a day, action is always plentiful. Sportsbooks are finding that on this COVID-19 deprived sporting landscape, Russian table tennis action is proving to be a saving grace.

These are the betting lines on some of Sunday afternoon’s top matches.

Moscow Liga Pro Table Tennis Odds

Anatoly Trushkin+150+1.5 (-225)O 74.5 (-120)Evgeny Kryuchkov-200-1.5 (+162)U 74.5 (-120)
Vasily Shirshov+100+1.5 (-150)O 75.5 (-120)Andrey Sadkov-138-1.5 (+110)U 75.5 (-120)
Ivan Pandur+137+1.5 (-163)O 74.5 (-120)Andrey Babkin-188-1.5 (+120)U 74.5 (-120)
Haik Lulikyan-120+1.5 (-250)O 75.5 (-120)Oleg Nikiforov-120-1.5 (+175)U 75.5 (-120)
Andrey Sadkov-225-1.5 (-110)O 73.5 (-120)Ivan Pandur+162-1.5 (-125)U 73.5 (-120)
Evgeny Kryuchkov-600-2.5 (+150)O 69.5 (-120)Haik Lulikyan+350+2.5 (+150)U 69.5 (-120)
Andrey Babkin+120+1.5 (-188)O 75.5 (-120)Vasily Shirshov-163-1.5 (+137)U 75.5 (-120)
Oleg Nikiforov+175+1.5 (-125)O 73.5 (-120)Anatoly Trushkin-250-1.5 (-110)U 73.5 (-120)
Anatoly Trushkin-400-1.5 (-175)O 71.5 (-120)Haik Lulikyan+275+1.5 (+125)U 71.5 (-120)
Vasily Shirshov-275-1.5 (-120)O 73.5 (-120)Ivan Pandur+200+1.5 (-120)U 73.5 (-120)

Odds taken April 12th

Moneyline, handicap and over/under wagering is offered on every match.

How to Keep Score

If you’re new to table tennis – or ping pong, as it was called in our youth when games were played at youth centers every summer vacation  in the days before they’d invented video games – here’s how to keep tabs on the action.

The match winner is the first player to take three games. A game is played to 11 points. Players must win by at least two points. Service is alternated every two points.

The Moscow Pro Liga is a second-tier level of competition. It’s kind of like wagering on Toledo Mud Hens AAA baseball games.

It’s a Sadkov Situation

On the surface, Vasily Shirshov looks like a sure bet in his match against Andrey Sadkov. Shirsov is 5-1 in his last six matches.

On the other hand, Sadkov is slumping. He entered play on Sunday skidding downward in the midst of a 15-match losing streak. His last win was a 3-1 decision over Alexey Ermilov on April 9th. That victory ended a six-game slide for Sadkov.

However, Sadkov does hold the hot hand when he’s looking across the net at Shirshov. He’s won their last two meetings by a combined score of 6-1 in games. That includes a 3-0 shutout in their most recent showdown on April 3rd.

Over their past eight matches, Sadkov is 7-1 against Shirshov.

Pick: Andrey Sadkov (-138).

Trust in Trushkin

Over his last nine matches, Anatoly Trushkin is averaging .333, going 3-6. He’s even worse in his last four, just .250 (1-3).

However, that one win in his last four matches was a 3-1 verdict over Haik Lulikyan. Overall, Lulikyan is 4-7 in his last 11 matches.

Lulkikyan is the player to be renamed later of the Moscow Liga Pro. Prior to Sunday’s matches, he was listed in the stats as Aik Lulikyan.

Whatever name he goes by, Lulikyan’s been coming up a loser against Trushkin. He’s dropped six straight. His last victory over Trushkin came last year on Dec. 11th. In that match, he was carded as Hayk Lulikyan.

Pick: Anatoly Trushkin (-400). 

Don’t Pander to Pandur

Things are going all kinds of wrong for Ivan Pandur. Entering Sunday’s action he’s posted one victory over his last 14 matches.

Granted, his lone victory during this wretched stretch was a 3-2 decision over Andrey Babkin. But during this slide, Pandur has lost four of five matches in head-to-head clashes with Babkin.

Babkin is 4-1 in his last five matches entering play Sunday. His last win was over Pandur. Babkin’s last loss was to Pandur.

Through his last 13 matches, Babkin shows a 9-4 record. But he’s an even 4-4 in his last eight decisions.

Pick: Andrey Babkin (-188).

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