Mike & Leanne Current Favorites to Win; Nas Most Likely to Depart


Love Island 2020 cast

Can Nas find a willing partner to save himself from elimination? Photo from @Loveisland (Twitter)

  • Love Island UK’s winter season just completed its first week
  • With Week 2 beginning tonight, see the early odds on which couple will win, and which male contestant will be first eliminated
  • Are Mike & Leanne deserving favorites? Is it all but decided Nas will be the first guy to go?

Welcome to the wild world of British reality TV. Love Island is back for its first-ever winter edition. Not even a week in and the villa is buzzing with drama from the hopefuls looking to “find love,” or rather, a brand deal when the season comes to a close.

With a new host and a new country, the show gave promise of being somewhat different than the classic summer edition with Caroline Flack in Mallorca. Yet, to no one’s surprise, somehow Season 6 is shaping up to be similar to that of Season 5.

While the similarities are evident, this season is unfolding at an extremely accelerated rate. It’s only Week 1 and we already have the new Joe, Lucie, and Tommy triangle known as Connor, Sophie, and Connagh (with a G). And of course, we have the lovable, but perpetually single Anton, AKA Nas.

After the first re-coupling, and considering its early days we’re keeping our predictions simple.

Odds on Couple to Win Winter Love Island 2020

CoupleSBD’s Odds
Mike & Leanne2/1
Callum & Shaughna4/1
Paige & Finley5/1
Connagh & Sophie7/1
Connor & Siannise10/1
Nas & Jess20/1

All Odds Generated January 17th

Mike & Leanne Favored By Going Steady

No surprise that the favorite is the most mellow and stable couple in the villa. Mike and Leanne had their fair share of screen time drama with the arrival of twins, Eve and Jess, but they have been loved up since Mike returned to Leanne.

I wouldn’t hold my breath though. If Mike’s head can turn for anyone who shows an interest, the couple will not last. We’ll find out just how devoted to Leanne he is with the next batch of new arrivals.

Callum and Shaughna hold promise of providing the most comedic relief by far. The couple has had an on-again off-again relationship from day 1, but they have the banter to keep the public engaged and invested.

The jury is out on Finley and Paige. The two seem like an unlikely pair, being that he’s into feet and she’s into furthering her career as a singer. Has anyone noticed that her apparent ex-boyfriend, Lewis Capaldi, is not at all her “tall, dark, and handsome” type?

Let’s be honest. Unless Sophie ditches Connor altogether, which the preview for Sunday’s episode did not imply, her and Connagh (with a G) don’t have a hope of winning Love Island. As for the equally irritating Siannise and Connor, who knows? Love works in mysterious ways.

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Odds on First Male Eliminated From Winter Love Island 2020

ContestantSBD’s Odds

Nas Next to Leave the Island?

Being that both Nas and Connor are in couples that are very friendship-based, the odds of either being dumped from the villa are extremely likely. That being said, whoever does leave the villa will not be the true first male to depart.

Who can forget Ollie’s untimely and very sudden “voluntary” departure after remembering he had feelings for an ex? Though his exit was abrupt and his absence has had a “massive impact on the villa,” the timing was all too convenient. His departure came after photos surfaced of him looking suspiciously like an avid trophy hunter, and after he got repeatedly turned down by both Paige and Siannise. If Ollie’s ego can shatter than quickly, Nas is a force to be reckoned with.

It seems ironic to have no love on Love Island, but here’s Nas, the most positive man in the villa and the most unloved of them all. Sadly, unless a new girl comes in to sweep him off his feet, Nas is next on the chopping block.

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