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Oleg Kutusov is 6-2 against Andrey Menshikov over their last eight Moscow Liga Pro table tennis matches.

  • Another full slate of Moscow Liga Pro table tennis matches are on top Sunday
  • Which matches are the best bets in the afternoon and evening sessions?
  • All the analysis, picks and predictions for Sunday’s Russian table tennis action are right here in the story that follows below

Yes, it’s Mother’s Day but it’s also table tennis day. In the Moscow Liga Pro, it’s always table tennis day.

President’s Day. Arbor Day. Earth Day. Every day, all day, is table tennis day in Russia.

That’s why bettors love it so much.

Sportsbooks are handling six figures in wagers on Russian table tennis on a daily basis. Players love to parlay several matches together.

They’re seeking to hit a big return on a relatively small investment. And since favorites tend to rule in Moscow Liga Pro matches, cashing in on those accumulators isn’t entirely out of the question.

For those familiar with keeping score at home, Russian table tennis matches are the best three-out-of-five games. Games are up to 11 points, although the victory must win by two points for a game to end. Service alternates between players on every other point scored.

Moscow Liga Pro Table Tennis Odds

Oleg Kutusov-225-1.5 (-110)O 73.5 (-120)Artem Suntsov+162+1.5 (-125)U 73.5 (-120)
Andrey Menshikov-120+1.5 (-250)O 75.5 (-120)Sergei Kuzmin-120-1.5 (+175)U 75.5 (-120)
Dmitry Merzlikin-250-1.5 (-110)O 73.5 (-120)Vladimir Petrov+175+1.5 (-125)U 73.5 (-120)
Sergey Vakar+175+1.5 (-125)O 73.5 (-120)Aleksandr Volkov-250-1.5 (-110)U 73.5 (-120)
Aleksandr Volkov+100+1.5 (-225)O 75.5 (-120)Igor Smirnov-138-1.5 (+162)U 75.5 (-120)
Sergei Kuzmin-250-1.5 (-110)O 73.5 (-120)Artem Suntsov+175+1.5 (-125)U 73.5 (-120)
Vladimir Petrov-138-1.5 (+162)O 75.5 (-120)Vladimir Shirokov+100+1.5 (-225)U 75.5 (-120)
Evgeniy Glazun-175-1.5 (+120)O 74.5 (-120)Sergey Vakar+125+1.5 (-163)U 74.5 (-120)
Kirill Abramov+125+1.5 (-163)O 74.5 (-120)Dmitry Merzlikin-175-1.5 (+120)U 74.5 (-120)
Oleg Kutusov-150-1.5 (+137)O 75.5 (-120)Andrey Menshikov+110+1.5 (-188)U 75.5 (-120)

Odds taken May 10th.

Another set of non-stop Moscow Liga Pro action is on tap again on Sunday. These are the best bets from the late afternoon and evening matches.

Kutusov Holds Edge Over Menshikov

With a 4-4 slate through his last eight matches, Oleg Kutusov isn’t exactly running the table. He owes much of his current tale of mediocrity to Alexey Ermilov. Kutusov is 1-3 head-to-head against Ermilov during that eight-match stretch.

Fortunately for Kutusov, today he’ll be staring across the net at Andrey Menshikov. Kutusov finds facing Menshikov instead of Ermilov to be like George Costanza’s opposite day.  Things generally tend to go his way.

Kutusov has won six of his last eight matches againts Menshikov. They’re generally interesting matches, though.

Four of them went the distance, finishing as 3-2 victories for the winner. Just one was a sweep, when Kutusov blanked Menshikov 3-0 on May 6.

Their most recent showdown ended in a 3-2 Kutusov victory. Two of the games finished 11-9. In the decisive fifth set, Kutusov battled to a 12-10 verdict over Menshikov.

Overall, Menshikov is 3-1 in his last four matches but he’s 4-4 in his last eight. All four losses came at the hands of Sergey Maksakov.

Pick: Oleg Kutusov (-150).

Vakar Firing Blanks vs Glazun

For sure it’s a small sample size but it’s a tasty sample nonetheless. The history between Sergey Vakar and Evgeniy Glazun consists of one previous encounter

In that match, however, it was all Glazun. He swept to a 3-0 decision over Vakar, winning virtually every battle along the way.

Vakar won the race to three points in the first game but then he was overwhelmed. Glazun won the race to five in that same match, and won every ensuing race throughout the rest of that game and the two games that followed. He took the match 11-8, 11-4, 11-9.

Overall, Vakar has lost three matches in a row and is in the midst of a 1-9 skid. Glazun is 4-3 in his last seven outings.

Pick: Evgeniy Glazun (-175).

Dmitry Puts A Merzlikin On Abramov

Lately, facing just about anyone across the net is proving to be difficult for Kirill Abramov. But when that opponent is Dmitry Merzlikin, it’s almost always welcome to Kirill’s nightmare.

Abramov is 1-5 overall through his last six matches. He’s 0-2 against Merzlikin during that span.

Dmitry’s dominance when facing Abramov, though, is long standing. He’s won four in a row in head-to-head clashes. Merzlikin is 7-1 the last eight times he’s gone up against Abramov. He’s won five successive games from Abramov.

Overall, Merzlikin has won seven in a row and 11 of his last 12 matches. That stretch includes a pair of victories over Abramov.

Pick: Dmitry Merzlikin (-175).

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