Line on National Anthem Length at Super Bowl Jumping All Over the Place


Demi Lovato singing at a concert.

How long will it take for Demi Lovato to sing the national anthem at Super Bowl LIV? Photo by marcen27 (Wikimedia).

  • The over-under for the national anthem singing at Super Bowl LIV has shifted around from as low as 1:52 to as high as 2:03.
  • Demi Lovato will sign the national anthem at Super Bowl LIV on Sunday, February 2nd.
  • Lovato’s previous public renditions have ranged from 1:52 to 2:11 – we analyze and predict the best bet below

As we approach the kickoff for Super Bowl LIV, we’re starting to see a lot more movement on the betting lines for a number of props. One of the biggest movers has been the national anthem length, as the over-under has dropped quite a bit. Let’s take a closer look and see which side is the best bet here.

Length Of National Anthem At Super Bowl LIV

LengthOdds at BetOnline
Over 1 min 56 seconds-150
Under 1 min 56 seconds+110

Odds taken Feb 1

The Over-Under for Anthem Length has Shifted Around a Lot

It’s not often that we see this kind of movement on a prop like this, so something is up.

Originally, the over-under for the length for the national anthem singing, which will be sung by Demi Lovato, was posted at 1:56. However, all sorts of bets piled in on the over, which forced bookmakers to adjust. The line shot all the way up to 2:03 as of Friday morning.

Later in the day, there was some news of apparent rehearsals. The line was then pulled and reopened at 1:52 by 5pm ET. By the evening, the line climbed back up to 1:56, which is where it sits as of Saturday afternoon.

The question is how genuine is this reported information of the shorter rehearsals, and how accurate are the rehearsals of the expected live rendition (maybe she’ll sing it differently)? At any rate, some bettors feel they have some inside information and are betting the lines accordingly.

Lovato’s Renditions Have Been all Over the Place

We’ve written a separate article to break down Lovato’s previous renditions of the National Anthem and have looked at historical trends too, but just to give you an idea as to why this line movement is so crucial, it’s because all of her anthem renditions are right around this length.

We’ve seen everything from two minutes and 11 seconds at the Floyd Mayweather-Conor McGregor boxing match, to one minute and 58 seconds at the World Series in 2015, to one minute and 49 seconds at the 2011 World Series. That makes all of these line movements from 1:52 to 2:03 quite significant.

What’s the Best Bet?

At this point, I’m still siding with the over. It opened at 1:56 and I have this landing around the two-minute mark. When it shot up to 2:03, I probably would have avoided it. Back down to it’s original opening line, I’m still game for a small flier on the over.

If you’re looking for more info on the national anthem prop or other ways to bet on the national anthem, check out the full series of props available along with a full breakdown right here.

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