FIFA World Cup 2014 Groups

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Switzerland vs. France: 2014 FIFA World Cup | Group E Preview – Major League Soccer

Major League Soccer Switzerland vs. France: 2014 FIFA World Cup | Group E Preview Major League Soccer 6 in the FIFA World Rankings while France sit 11 places behind them at No. 17, but ask anyone from the seeded Swiss team, and they'll tell you it's France and their star power who will have the advantage in this match. It's probably the correct outcome for this match as France are the hot favourites at 1.85 with while the Swiss are rated at odds of 4.60.

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Questions and Answers on the World Cup 2014 Group games

FIFA World Cup 2014 Brazil…Prices?

Hi! Has anyone ever been to a FIFA World Cup? If you have, i'm looking at attending the 2014 World Cup In Brazil…Could You give me an estimate on how much i would have to spend on The Opening Games,The Group Games, The Finale 16.. And on to the Final Game? I hope to start saving now.
I know there not selling yet, but im looking for an estimate based on previous cups in the past 10 years.

Posted by Saintninja28
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The ticket pricing for the last couple world cups has been pretty much the same. If the pattern holds for the 2014 World Cup then the pricing should look something like…

Opening Match: $70-450 USD

Group Stage Matches: $20-160 USD

Round of 16: $50-200 USD

Quarter Finals: $75-300 USD

Semi Finals: $100-600 USD

Third Place Match: $75-300 USD

World Cup Final: $150-900 USD

Hope this was helpful…

Who will win the FIFA World Cup 2014?

Mexico is favorite to win cause of the world class talent. We got the worlds top players. Carlos Vela, Chicharito, Giovani, Marco Fabian and Gullit Pena. Those combination of guys will be too much, the USA is garbage at futbol that is why they stick to baseball, gringo NFL and basketball. USA sucks at global sports, they lose to crap nations in futbol and their boxers are boring and overrated.

Mexico plays real global games like futbol and boxing, we don't play silly stupid gringo games like baseball, gringo NFL, and basketball. Those are USA only sports. Baseball is filled with only fat white gringos, gringo NFL is fulled with fatties and mayates, and basketball is filled with tall mayates.

World Series that is a joke. World Cup is where its at.
@TMAN Brazil has lost three in a row to Mexico. Brazil is so overrated, Germany, Spain, Argentina, Colombia also have a stronger than Brazil. Brazil even lost to England a earlier this year and white people suck at futbol.

COPA America Mexico beat Brazil 3-0
2005 World Cup final Mexico beat Brazil 3-0
London Olympics gold medal game Mexico beat Brazil 3-0
Also a friendly in Houston Mexico beat Brazil 3-

Posted by Hector
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Did you come to the baseball section just to bash the sport of baseball? Its not our fault that Mexico doesnt stand a chance against any team in the World Cup. Actually, USA has a better soccer team than Mexico and probably has a better chance at making it to the knockout stage than Mexico, in spite of having the toughest group stage opponents. And basketball is a world sport played all over the globe and USA dominates in that sport. As far as boxing, the USA claims some of the best boxers of all time such as Ali, Tyson, and Mayweather just to name a few. Mexico has only one sport that they are good at, which is soccer and the Mexican soccer league is about as crappy as MLS. The USA boasts alot of Olympic Gold Medals over the past century. What about Mexico? I could go on but I have things to do.

Oh, and to answer your question, I believe Brazil will be the winners. They have a hell of a team.

Will Germany get beaten by Brazil or Italy at the 2014 FIFA World Cup?

How come Germany can never beat Brazil or Italy at a major tournament?

1981 Gold Cup
Brazil 4-1 Germany

1999 FIFA Confederations Cup
Brazil 4-0 Germany

2002 FIFA World Cup Final
Brazil 2-0 Germany

2005 FIFA Confederations Cup
Brazil 3-2 Germany

1962 FIFA World Cup Group Stage
Italy 0-0 Germany

1970 FIFA World Cup Semi Final
Italy 4-3 Germany

1978 FIFA World Cup
Italy 0-0 Germany Group Stage

1982 FIFA World Cup Final
Italy 3-2 Germany

1988 UEFA Euro Group Stage
Italy 1-1 Germany

1996 UEFA Euro Group Stage
Italy 0-0 Germany

2006 FIFA World Cup Semi Fina
Germany 0-2 Italy

2012 UEFA Euro Semi Final
Italy 2-1 Germany

I have a feeling Brazil or Italy will end Germany's dream of winning their 4th FIFA World Cup.

Posted by ELECTUS
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Yes I believe Germany will get knocked out of the FIFA World Cup by Argentina, Brazil or Italy.

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