Favorites to Win World Cup

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Goldman Sachs' Predictions: Brazil Favorite To Win FIFA World Cup – And More – Bidness Etc

Bidness EtcGoldman Sachs' Predictions: Brazil Favorite To Win FIFA World Cup – And MoreBidness EtcWith just a few days remaining before the 2014 FIFA World Cup officially kicks off in Brazil, fans are pouring into South America's largest country for the quadrennial sporting event. For the 2010 World Cup in South Africa, roughly 300,000 people …and more »

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Questions and Answers

Why are spain favourites to win the world cup?

They are like england, havent won the world cup in years! And they only won the euros because they scraped past Italy on penalties, shouldnt the favourites should be brazil becuase theyve won it the most then France should be the second favourites?

Posted by michaelrichard.
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Dean purple gives shit answers. So Greece won euro 2004 and they didnt even qualify for 2006.
I mean Spain have never got to a semi final. I think the dutch should be the favourites the are frightening. With Van Persie they could win it. I mean 2 lost finals in a row in 74 and 78 and just narrowely getting knocked out in the semis in 98. This will be the year.


Spain are the Europeans Champions, an honour they deserve, and second in Fifa World Rankings, a place where they do not deserve to be. Over the past few years Brazil, ranked first, reputation rightly has gone down as their results have been poor against many different oppositions including defeats against Paraguay, Argentina and Cameroon. It seems unfair as they should officially go into the World Cup as favourites as Spain has recently equalled the record of 35 games without a loss. To reiterate my point Brazil, just in June, were ranked fifth in the Fifa World Rankings. How and why is there such a major improvement in their rankings?

Posted by Sunny
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Rankings go off results in ranking matches, such as World Cup qualifiers, and regional championships like the Copa America, or the European Championships.

Being fifth in the world rankings is not what would make Brazil favourites over Spain. This is calculated by bookmakers based largely on which teams people are putting their money on, calculated in a way to make sure the bookie loses as little as possible.

Brazil do top the South American qualifying table right now. It is a tight league, but they are one point clear of Chile, having won 7, drawn 6 and lost 1, with 4 to play. They have scored the most and conceded the least.

I doubt Spain will win the World Cup. Spain will easily win their qualifying group, but with teams like Belgium, Armenia and Estonia in there, it is hardly a test for them. In England's group, England have scored twice as many goals as the Spaniards, and picked up 3 more points. So far only the Netherlands have definitely qualified from Europe, none from South America, none from Africa, none from North America. Just the Netherlands, Australia, and North and South Korea have qualified so far. So maybe up to now the Netherlands should be favourite, as no other quality teams are there yet.

Who are the favorites to win the World Cup?

Australia have to be in with a big shout. Home conditions and knowledge of the pitches with players who grew up on them. South Africa would be up there too, they will be comfortable with conditions in Oz, not so dissimilar to SA.

They are the two teams I would expect to win. What do you think?

Posted by Half Drawn Boy
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Hmmm… Glad you asked actually.

The bookies are usually a good guide on these things.

Australia 4.50
India 5.50
South Africa 6.00
Sri Lanka 7.00
Pakistan 8.00
West Indies 9.00
England 10.00
New Zealand 10.00

Can't believe the Kiwi's are on at 10:1 at home. Just dropped $20 on them at that price.

I cant see where India will find the bowlers to be second favourite, but their bats have chased some pretty impressive totals, so maybe…

Sri Lanka usually does OK in Oz. They could be a dark horse.

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