Donald Trump’s 2020 Presidential Election Odds Improve Following Democratic Primary Debates

  • Donald Trump has average odds of -120 to win the election in 2020
  • Joe Biden's odds could fade in the coming days while Kamala Harris, Elizabeth Warren should rise
  • With Biden struggling and Bernie Sanders looking so-so at the debates, that stands to benefit Trump

It was a mostly positive couple of days for the Democratic Party as their first round of debates went well. A lot of good ideas were brought forward. The challenge is that their path to knocking off Donald Trump may have gotten harder in the process, though.

Trump’s average 2020 US Presidential Election odds improved following the debates, going from -110 to -120 across a number of top sportsbooks.

2020 US Presidential Odds

Candidate 2020 US Presidential Odds at
Donald Trump EVEN
Joe Biden +450
Elizabeth Warren +750
Kamala Harris +750
Pete Buttigieg +850

*Odds taken 06/28/19

Joe Biden Really Struggled

The former Vice President has been an absolute mess since he launched his campaign. While most of the issues were minor, his backers were hoping that a good showing at the debate would get him back on track. Instead, it did the opposite. Biden looked flat all night and insensitive when Kamala Harris called him out on his checkered past with race issues.

Biden has already lost one major donor and that’s likely just the start. He’s struggled as a candidate when he ran two other times and unless something changes quickly, he’s a fading commodity.

Bernie Sanders Struggled Too

Sanders wasn’t embarrassed as Biden was on Thursday night but he also didn’t look great. He had ample opportunities to speak but just didn’t stand out as much of a leader. When he debated Hillary Clinton almost four years ago, he stood out with fresh ideas and a different perspective. With a crowded field, his voice got lost.

Worse yet, Sanders looked faded and just didn’t give the impression of a strong leader or someone who can even fight with President Trump in debates. A lot can change but at this debate, he didn’t look like he has the qualities of a president. His ceiling has now been lowered.

US President Donald Trump Impeachment Odds Tracker

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Kamala Harris, Pete Buttigieg, and Elizabeth Warren Shined

Harris and Buttigieg were the big winners on Thursday night and Warren won the night on Wednesday.

Warren has all but overtaken Sanders as the most left wing candidate – one who’ll be the most popular among progressives. Meanwhile, Mayor Pete was very poised every change he spoke and he sounded like a true leader.

As for Harris, she still has a long way to go but she won the first wave of debates. She’s likely to become the favorite to win the nominee as she thrashed Biden. She also looked cool and collected, while delivering sharp lines all night. Most importantly – to a lot of Democrats – she looked like she has the type of fight that will give Trump a really hard time. They’ll love that.

Trump Benefits, He’s the Best Bet

The worst part of the week for Dems is that their two top candidates stumbled badly. Biden and Sanders have work to do to recover. That figures to help Trump as people like Buttigieg, Harris, and even Warren are not known or loved nationally.

While Harris might be able to go toe-to-toe with Trump on a debate stage, she might have a tough time convincing people to vote for her. Biden has nearly double the African American vote as of now (according to polling) as Harris is a prosecutor who has been very tough on black criminals.

Also, there’s the reality – whether ugly or not – that many people are still not comfortable with a female president. Only one-third of the country is, according to a recent poll.

When you add it all up, as long as the economy is good, Trump should win. Harris will present herself as the candidate of change – as will Buttigieg and Warren – and the country likely won’t be comfortable with that if the economy is strong. If the economy slumps, Trump is in trouble but until then, he’s the best bet.

Pick: Donald Trump (EVEN)

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