CWL Championship 2019 Group Odds

  • The 2019 CWL Championship takes place August 14-18
  • Bovada has odds to win each of the eight four-team groups
  • Learn the bets to take the first seed in each group

The final event of the year in the CWL Season — the CWL Championship — is set to kickoff August 14 in Los Angeles.

It will be the biggest event in Call of Duty history, boasting a $2,000,000 prize pool with the first-place team walking away with a cool $800,000. I already took a look at the best teams to  bet on to win the 2019 CWL Championship. Now it's time to scrutinize the best bets to come out on top of each group in pool play.

Most of the pools have a very heavy favorite, but there are a few teams that could pull upsets heading into the knockout stage.

CWL Championship Group A Odds

Team Odds to Win Group at Bovada
eUnited -370
Elevate +475
Celtic FC Esports +550
RBL Esports +2500

*Odds taken on 08/12/19

Easy for eUnited

In Group A the real battle here will be for the second seed between Elevate and The Bhoys, because the first place seed should be locked up for eUnited. They are coming off of winning the CWL Playoffs last month and have placed within the top-6 at all but one event on the year, and have cracked the top-3 three times. They should have Group A locked up.

Pick: eUnited (-370)

CWL Championship Group B Odds

Team Odds to Win Group at Bovada
Gen.G -300
Enigma6 +400
Team War +670
Fuego Gaming +1300

*Odds taken on 08/12/19

Dark Horse in Group B?

Group B is one of the groups where I could see an upset possibly happening with two teams that may be able claim the top spot. Both Gen.G and Enigma6 are teams that could realistically take the first seed, but the more likely would be Gen.G. They have been one of the most consistent teams all year long and they are coming off of placing second at back-to-back events.

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The only reason I would say to take a closer look at Enigma6 is because they tend to play well in pool play only to fall short when it comes to the knockout stage of the event. It's a very real possibility that they can come out with the first seed in Group B and may be worth taking a look at.

Pick: Gen.G (-300)

CWL Championship Group C Odds

Team Odds to Win Group at Bovada
FaZe -400
Units +530
Mazer Gaming +580
Animosity eSports +2000

*Odds taken on 08/12/19

Lock for Group C

The only team I would even take into consideration to take the first seed in Group C would be FaZe. They are clearly the best team in the group and are coming off of their best event of the year where they placed third at the CWL Playoffs. I would say FaZe are a lock in to come out on top in Group C in Los Angeles.

Pick: FaZe (-400)

CWL Championship Group D Odds

Team Odds to Win Group at Bovada
Reciprocity -340
Envy +380
Sage Esports +700
LGND Status +2000

*Odds taken on 08/12/19

EZ for EU

In Group D there is only one team that I could see coming out with the first seed and it's the boys from Europe, Reciprocity. They have been a solid team pretty much all year, placing within the the top-4 twice, one of them being at the last event, the CWL Playoffs.

Pick: Reciprocity (-340)

CWL Championship Group E Odds

Team Odds to Win Group at Bovada
Luminosity -600
UYU +770
Singularity +770
Vanity +1400

*Odds taken on 08/12/19

Lock For LG

I wouldn't even waste a second looking at any other team to claim the first seed in Group E other than Luminosity. This may be one of the weakest groups at the CWL Championship, and LG are looking like a force after their roster changes. It's a very real possibility they don't even drop a map in pool play.

Pick: Luminosity (-600)

CWL Championship Group F Odds

Team Odds to Win Group at Bovada
100 Thieves -290
Midnight +370
Sicario Gaming +560
Fury Gaming +1800

*Odds taken on 08/12/19

Run it Up

I wouldn't seriously look at any other team to win out in Group F other than 100 Thieves. They are the only team to win two tournaments on the year when they went back-to-back in London and Anaheim, and are still one of, if not the best team in the game regardless of a disappointing finish at the CWL Playoffs.

Pick: 100 Thieves (-290)

CWL Championship Group G Odds

Team Odds to Win Group at Bovada
OpTic -190
Evil Geniuses +175
Trainhard Esport +1200
Carnage Gaming +1600

*Odds taken on 08/12/19

A Real Toss-up

Though OpTic have historically been the best team in Call of Duty history, I'm not fully sold on them being a lock for the first seed in Group G. Evil Geniuses have shown they can compete with the best teams in the game after they switched up their roster about halfway through the year, and they are a serious threat to take the group. It really comes down to whoever wins between the two when they meet up, because whoever does will win the group.

Pick: OpTic (-190)

CWL Championship Group H Odds

Team Odds to Win Group at Bovada
Splyce -105
Heretics +200
Aspire Esports +400
Hybrid Gaming +640

*Odds taken on 08/12/19

Free for All in Group H

I would say that out of any group at the CWL Championship, Group H will probably be the most competitive. Splyce has a great team centered around their two superstars Temp and Huke, Heretics have shown that they can beat the best of the best in CoD, and both Aspire and Hybrid are full of players that have been top AM's for a while now, with some of them even touching the Pro League this season.

I would say Splyce should win, but I could see this group getting messy.

Pick: Splyce (-105)

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