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Brazil World Cup 2014 Predictions?Honestly i believe Colombia has what it takes to reach the finals in this years world cup. Answer with your group stage and knockout stage predictions!
Posted by BGS
[display_name id=”1″]Group ABrazil 9 points
Mexico: 4 points
Croatia : 3 points
Cameroon 1 pointGroup B

Spain : 7 points
Chile 6 points
Netherlands : 4 points
Australia: 0 points.

Group C

Colombia : 6 points
Japan: 4 points
Cote D'Iviore : 4 points
Greece : 2 points

Group D

Italy : 6 points
Uruguay : 5 points
England: 4 points
Costa Rica: 1 point

Group E :

Ecuador : 6 points
France: 6 points
Switzerland: 3 points
Honduras : 3 points

Group F :

Argentina : 9 points
Nigeria : 4 points
Bosnia : 2 points
Iran: 1 point

Group G :

Germany : 7 points
Portugal: 5 points
Ghana : 4 points
USA : 1 point

Group H

Russia 6 points
Belgium 5 points
Korea Republic 2 points
Algeria 2 points

Round of 16

Brazil 2-1 Chile
Spain 2-0 Mexico
Colombia 2-2 Uruguay ( Colombia win on PK's)
Italy 3-1 Japan
Ecuador 1-0 Nigeria
Argentina 2-1 France ( After Extra Time)
Germany 2-1 Belgium ( After Extra Time)
Portugal 1-0 Russia

Quarter Finals

Brazil 1-1 Spain ( Brazil win on PK's)
Italy 2-1 Colombia ( After Extra Time)
Argentina 2-0 Ecuador
Germany 1-0 Portugal

Semi Finals:

Argentina 2-1 Germany ( After Extra time )
Brazil 2-1 Italy

3rd place play off:

Italy 3-2 Germany ( Italy always beat Germany for some reason)


Brazil 1-1 Argentina ( Brazil win on pk's )

1. Brazil
2. Argentina
3. Italy
4. Germany

( Used the official draw from FIFA website to help predict games)

2014 World cup predictions?Soo….. Obviously Brazil is hosting the world cup 2014 its gonna be a great world cup…. Who has the best chances of winning??

Posted by Even Eddy
[display_name id=”1″]I imagine Germany. They have immense talent and young squad, and if Argetina can get there act together they have a chance. Italy and Spain will be going off, well italy wont have stopped going off, but with likes of Ozil, muller and khedira, podolski and shweingsteiger they will win if can sure up defence. Ofc at home brazil will also be a threat but in probability i would go;
1. Germany
2. Brazil
3. Argentina
4. Spain
5. Holland or paraguay, holland may get higher. (~I like dutch footy but dont know enough of ther young talent. I also picked paraguay to be a surprise package last world cup and i think them and chile will do even better, but not win.)
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