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Big Brother Brasil

Big Brother Brasil's 20th season has kicked off. Photo from @paghlucas (Twitter)

  • The season premiere of Big Brother Brazil  (BBB) aired on January 21, 2020
  • Now in its 20th season, BBB sees 18 houseguests facing off to be the last one standing
  • You can place bets on who will be the winner of Big Brother Brazil

Reality television is a global phenomenon. Of all the shows that have premiered over the years, Big Brother was one of the first to make a mark. After all these years, it continues to reign. Clearly, audiences haven’t had enough of the show’s notorious drama and antics.

The competition-style reality series first took off as a Dutch program and then expanded into global markets. Certainly, Brazilians are still tuning in to see what the houseguests get up to and how their plot twists will impact the results.

Odds to Win Big Brother Brazil 2020?

OddOdds at Bovada
Babu Santana+250
Manu Gavassi+350
Lucas Gallina+550
Mari Gonzalez+900
Pyong Lee+1200
Rafa Kalimann+1400
Bianca Andrade+2000
Petrix Barbosa+2000
Thelma Assis+2000
Flayslane da Silva+2500
Gizelly Bicalho+2500
Marcela McGowan+2500
Felipe Prior+3000
Gabi Martins+3000
Guilherme Napolitano+3000
Hadson Nery+3000
Victor Hugo Teixeira+3000
Lucas Chumbo+5000

All odds taken January 27th

This year, Big Brother Brazil is celebrating the show’s 20th season anniversary by repurposing multiple twists from previous seasons of the show.

With this being the longest-running season of the show, contestants who stick around will have until April 20th to see who wins. Already, one major twist happened during night two of the guests’ stay in the Big Brother house.

Celebrities and Civilians

At the end of the second night, two separate groups of houseguests were united after a wall separating the two halves fell down. This wall twist was used in season nine and came back as part of the anniversary special.

Now, the house includes nine Brazilian celebrities (actors, singers, athletes, social media stars) as well as nine non-celebrities. Collectively, the houseguests will compete and live alongside one another in a stars against civilians mashup.

Stars Come Out to Play

Among the celebrities included in this season, we have Brazilian actor Babu Santana, who presently has the best odds to win the entire season. Santana is famous for appearances in films such as the critical smash City of God.

With Santana’s history on screen, his odds are high since he can use his acting chops to manipulate other guests. He’s also likeable enough to get enough people in his corner while also being tough enough to win competitions.

Another star with a high likelihood of winning is Manu Gavassi. Gavassi is famous for her work on screen as well as musically. Early odds for Gavassi are high, probably due to her natural charm and wit.

Other celebrities in the running who have lesser odds to win include professional surfer Lucas Chumbo, singer Gabi Martins, and YouTube personalist Pyong Lee.

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A Chance For the Civilians?

Then there are the civilians. Though lesser-known, Big Brother Brazil has pulled people from industries that may give them advantages in such a calculated and structured game.

Hadson Nery, a retired football player who presently manages a football club, is in the mix. He’s dealt with social matters both on and off the field, which may make for some well-maneuvered plays this season.

Also in the running is lawyer Gizelly Bicalho who, as you could imagine, probably has a hell of a poker face. That will come in handy over the next few months as she carefully works to see her way through the game.

Of the civilians, Dr. Lucas Gallina is showing the most promise. Gallina’s work as a physiotherapist makes him a tough physical threat to others in the house during endurance challenges.

Quick Picks

With so many contestants in the running, sticking to the best odds makes the most sense. For those looking to pick outside of the top three, it’s quite risky given the odds at play.

Out of any long shot, digital influencer and model Mari Gonzalez looks like a potential winner in the mix. Even though she’s listed as the fourth-best bet, her good looks and charisma make her one to watch.

But even so, Gonzalez doesn’t have the years of life experience Santana has. She may not be able to keep up with his slick gameplay.

Pick: Babu Santana (+250)

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