BetOnline Now Giving Democrats and Republicans Equal Odds of Winning 2020 US Presidential Election

  • Joe Biden is the heavy favorite to win the Democratic Party Nominee as he's currently polling at 34.7% nationally, nearly double Bernie Sanders
  • Although the Mueller Investigation has been completed, the Democrats are now pushing for further investigations through the House Judiciary Committee
  • As long as the economy remains this strong, President Trump is in good shape to be re-elected

The Democrats' 2020 US Presidential Election odds have taken a dive according to the latest numbers available from BetOnline. They were previously in the -130 range as oddsmakers at the online sportsbook expected the Dems to retake the White House. Now BetOnline has the Democrats and Republicans available at equal odds. Who is the best bet?

2020 US Presidential Election Odds

Party 2020 US Presidential Election Odds at
Democratic Party -110
Republican Party -110

*Odds taken 05/24/19

Democrats Have Blown a Lead

The first question that comes to mind is why is that the case? To start, the Mueller investigation is over and while there is going to be partisan politics going forward, the reality is no crime was found. CNN, FOX News, and MSNBC will continue to debate, but the general public sees this as President Trump being cleared.

What’s also interesting is that the Democrats can’t seem to get Mueller to testify publicly. One would think that if the report was as damning as they view it to be, they would be trying to track him down and get him to speak publicly. Instead, they’re in the process of sending out subpoenas to Trump’s inner circle.

Nadler’s Subpoenas: Helping or Hurting?

While House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerrold Nadler is free to subpoena whom he wants, it starts to look bad on the party when all of the people that he’s calling in have already been interviewed and scrutinized under oath for hours on end. It makes it look like he’s redoing the investigation.

What About Impeachment?

The rest of the party is ramping up talks of impeachment, which is also a bit silly. One can debate whether this president deserves to be impeached or not, but with the Republicans holding the Senate, there is no way they’ll allow impeachment – even if it somehow passes through the House.

US President Donald Trump Impeachment Odds Tracker

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Former President Bill Clinton was impeached but when they went to trial, the two-thirds vote of the Senate never happened (since the Democrats held the Senate) and he was cleared. And one has to wonder to what end does this help? If, by some small miracle, he is impeached, that would put Mike Pence in power. Is that any better?

In short, talks of impeachment are something that progressives love but the chances of President Trump being removed from office in this fashion are almost nil.

Why is Impeachment Relevant?

The challenge with pushing for impeachment and redoing an investigation that was already thorough ends up hurting the Democrats' chances in 2020. What we’re really talking about in terms of swinging the election is a few hundred thousand people in a few states. That’s all the Dems really need.

However, the economy is roaring, even through humongous tariffs that were supposed to cripple the economy. And jobs are coming back as unemployment,  especially for African Americans and Latinos, are at all-time lows. Given these developments, independents will likely start wondering why the Democrats aren’t working with Trump, even though they may despise him.

One of the only prominent Democrats talking about ideas to help the country (versus ways of taking down Trump) is Elizabeth Warren. The party needs more of that.

Unseating an incumbent President with a strong economy is very difficult too. The Democrats need to talk more about how they’ll keep this economy strong while adding to or fixing other things.

What’s the Best Bet?

The talk shows will continue to debate how Trump is hanging by a thread, how much he’s hated and rip him for everything that they can. However, that’s like sports talk shows criticizing LeBron James’ every move: some of it is valid but it’s often over the top.

Unseating an incumbent with a great economy is a really big hurdle to overcome. As long as the numbers look good and as long as the Democrats are too engaged in impeachment, Trump will be the US President again in 2020. He’s the better bet right now.

Pick: Republican Party (-110)

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