2014 World Cup Favorites

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World Cup Odds 2014: Best Bets and Tips on Outright Winners and Top … – Bleacher Report

Bleacher ReportWorld Cup Odds 2014: Best Bets and Tips on Outright Winners and Top …Bleacher ReportThe waiting is almost over for the start of the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, which begins on June 12. The usual suspects of Brazil, Spain, Germany and Argentina are many people's favourites to go far in the summer's showpiece event. Equally, when it comes …World Cup Betting Preview: Why Spain are good value to repeat their successGoal.comBiodiesel Already a Big Winner for World CupDomestic Fuelall 39 news articles »

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World Cup Football Betting – 2014 Sexy Soccer Babe Bonus

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Questions and Answers

Who is your favorite to win the 2014 world cup?

I'm Colombian and my team has been on fire.
Los cafeteros have become an amazing team like in the 90's
My best friend is Spanish and says Colombia will be and that Spain will be champs again.

Posted by Scotes Mcgoats
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Either Spain or Argentina.

Don't you miss the World Cup!?

Haha I really do! I miss that one month of living and breathing soccer/football, watching every game with my cousins and friends, making bets and charts, taunting each others teams lol Good times. Next plan: Actually attend a World Cup match (2014 Brasil)…Let's hope for that 🙂
'Taker…haha my mom hated those horns too! But they were weirdly…soothing to me lol.

Posted by Satellite Eyes
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Yes!!! I miss the World Cup!! I miss all the talk about it and all the parties when your team won, and just how excited everybody gets about it in general!!
I also miss summer, and the music festivals and the warm nights…
Summer's coming to an end so quickly 🙁
Fortunately, next summer is only a year away. Unfortunately, the next World Cup is 4 years away 🙁

With Australia being the favourites to host the 2014 World Cup, what are Australian football stadiums like?

Due to Fifas current "Continent Rotation" criteria for hosting the World Cup Oceana will be the only continent not to have hosted the World Cup after 2010. Therefore, it looks certain that Australia will probably end up hosting the 2014 World Cup. What are Australias current football stadiums like and how many will they have to build.

Posted by kenweird1982
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The 2014 World Cup was promised to South America to compensate for them giving a half-spot to Oceania to give them a full berth, back in 2002. The half-spot decision was subsequently reversed in 2003, with the Oceania winner once again required to play a sudden death tie with the fifth-placed South American team. Australia (Oceania winner) responded to this by getting revenge on Uruguay (5th South America) and qualifying anyway, doing so for the first time in 32 years.

Australia could put this forward as a case as to why South America should not be automatically promised the World Cup. FFA has already stated that the South Pacific has not yet hosted a World Cup.

Australia has many stadiums and could host a football tournament successfully at short notice if an emergency were to arise in the allocated host country.

Sydney and Brisbane have good rectangular fields, likely to have three venues between them. However, this isn't the case in Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth or the regional centres that may be allocated some smaller matches (Launceston, Cairns, Darwin). In Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth, matches would probably be staged on these cities' cricket ovals. Although the crowd would be some distance from the field, it would be not much more than your typical athletics field. For Australia's group matches and the final it would be a tussle between rectangular Telstra Stadium (83,000) in Sydney and the Melbourne Cricket Ground (95,000) – those capacities are somewhat enviable throughout the world (what can I say, Aussies love their sport!)

It's unlikely funds would be allocated to construct new grounds, though some may be upgraded (temporarily or permanently).

If the powerful South Americans get their way for 2014, FFA has indicated they will bid for 2018. In any case FFA will be bidding for the 2011 Asian Cup. Considering the other two nations bidding for that one are Iran and India, we stand a good chance.

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