Why Kyler Murray is still NCAA-eligible in football

Kyler Murray


Murray can make money. He simply can’’ t earn money football cash.

Oklahoma quarterback Kyler Murray is on the field for the Sooners this fall.

Murray was the ninth total choice in June’’ s MLB Draft by the Oakland A ’ s, and he signed an agreement with the Athletics for about a $4.7 million bonus offer. The QB/outfielder’’ s contract with the club permits him to play football for the Sooners as a redshirt junior this year.

Murray is earning money to play sports. Why hasn’’ t the NCAA prohibited him?

The NCAA rulebook is clear:

An expert athlete in one sport might represent a member organization in a various sport and might get institutional monetary support in the 2nd sport.

In baseball, Murray ended up being an expert the 2nd he signed with the A’’ s. Having taken his finalizing benefit, his college baseball profession is over. No NCAA guideline avoids him from playing football in 2018 and 2019 if he desires. His A’’ s agreement will make 2018 his last football season, then he’’ s slated to sign up with the group’’ s minor-league system.

After Murray accepted his agreement, a previous UCF kicker whose generated income from YouTube videos got him booted from NCAA eligibility questioned aloud why he couldn’’ t take sports-related cash and keep playing, too. Professional athletes can earn money for their exploits in one sport and keep playing another in college. Yeah, the guidelines are quite deformed, however they are the guidelines.

Now, Murray may be the highest-paid college professional athlete ever.

Few draft choices in any sport get signing perks as high as Murray’’ s. Even less are two-sport professional athletes with the capability to keep playing a various college sport.


In the NFL, just first-rounders and some second-rounders get equivalent rewards, and none of those gamers in current times has actually continued to play a college sport. NBA and NHL choices may go a long time without finalizing, however when they do, it’’ s time to join their brand-new NBA groups. Baseball’’ s minors system matches it to this type of chance.

There’’ s minimal precedent for Murray’’ s scenario, however he ’ s not the very first man to face it. In 2010, the Rockies prepared Clemson quarterback and outfielder Kyle Parker. He signed for $1.3 million and kept playing QB that fall. He signed up with the Rockies’ ’ system in the spring of 2011.


Murray ’ s head coach, Lincoln Riley, is making about $4.8 million this season, or $100,000 more than Murray. The quarterback practically out-earned the head coach this year .

.Ultimately, Murray needs to choose a sport. Baseball appears like it.

To pick football, most likely need to return his reward and possibly pay an extra charge. Most likely, the A’’ s arranged out when they prepared and then signed Murray that he would ultimately play for them. Even if they hadn’’ t, picking football over baseball at this moment would need Murray to hand down ensured millions for an unpredictable future. Murray has l eft the door available to remaining at OU beyond this year , however his representative, Scott Boras, has actually shown that Murray wouldn’’ t actually go back on his handle the A’’ s.

. For the minute, anyhow, Murray is an interesting QB possibility.

He was a first-class hire in the class of 2016, when he signed with Texas A&M. After moving to OU, he sat behind Heisman winner Baker Mayfield for 2 years. Nobody anticipates Murray to be as great as Mayfield , however he might still be terrific.

He’’ s much more athletic than his predecessor, however they may end up to have comparable playing designs. Murray is a shorter-than-average QB with a background in the spread offense, much like Mayfield was when he moved in from Texas Tech. Mayfield’’ s private radiance was important to OU ’ s air raid plan working , however Murray ’ s been practicing in it for 2 years. He ’ ll have blue-chip skill all around him to assist make it work


Murray was amongst oddsmakers ’ Heisman favorites back in the spring. He doesn ’ t need to set up Mayfield ’ s all-time-great numbers to be an efficient field basic for a Playoff competitor that has a lot else going all out. He can go be a star center fielder.



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