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College Football Handicapping: Power Conference Betting Odds – Sports Memo (blog)

College Football Handicapping: Power Conference Betting OddsSports Memo (blog). A man reportedly bet $671K at a William Hill sportsbook on whether or not Scotland will remain a part of the UK. While many non-gamblers may think risking £400,000 to win £100,000 sounds crazy, Sharpe said it should be seen as an investment opportunity and…more »

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World Cup Gambling: Here's your chance to bet Brazil at even money – Sports Memo (blog)

World Cup Gambling: Here's your chance to bet Brazil at even money. This is pretty cool – assuming you like to bet soccer for small stakes and don't live in the United States. William Hill's online sportsbook will be offering a limited time, first-come-first-served price on today's World Cup opener between Croatia and Brazil…more

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Questions and Answers on William Hill Sportsbook

Need information about Ladbrokes/William Hill (SHOP BETTING)?

Online gambling is illegal in my country.(also can not register anywhere online) I am searching for a place to bet huge amounts of money with a trust.I want to travel London and place some bets by known bookie shops.I have couple of questions about this.

1) On shop betting, can i play everything that i see on the bookie's online sports book ? ( including long-term outright/winner bets )
2) Do the odds for shops same with the online sportsbook ? Or due to taxes do the odds get lowered at shop betting ?
3) Are there any taxes for winning coupons or newly arranged coupons that directly payed by customer ?
3) Are there any known limits for maximum bet ? I just want to bet nearly 100.000€ for Miami Heat * NBA Championship 2013 if there any limits can i play 5k 5k 5k at another shops without attract attention.

Thanks for responses.

Posted by Ozan
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1 yes but the shop staff may have to make a phone call to get price as not all are available on shop system
2 usually the same
3 no taxes of any sort on gambling winnings
4 the shop staff have limits for everything and have to ring head office for any bet that exceeds them and a bet on miami would attract immediate attention as it is so rare (i have never taken a bet of any size on nba championship in 40years) so it would be very unlikely you could do many 500 bets let alone 5k

Think you might be a bit behind the times nigel The offshore advantages for the bookmakers will soon disappear due to the new tax at source regulations which are on their final discussions of how to implement and prices on coupons can now be changed as easily and as often as online betting the changes are shown to the operator on the screen and printed on the's football coupon ( at one of the main high Street bookies) has numerous changes and until the end of the season there will be even more changes than usual.

Are there any free Poker sites?

I'm looking for a texas hold'em site that is free, preferably no download. There should be a chip counter, where you can gain chips by playing in game, kinda like vitual money…any sites you know?

Posted by EternalEclipse
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