Sports quiz of the week: champions, chancers and Premier League climax

Who won a fortune? Which city ruled? Where is the huge last?

Oakley Cannonier, a 14-year-old from Leeds, had a huge effect today. What did he do?

He ended up being the youngest chess grandmaster in history

He ended up being the youngest footballer to play in a Premier League match

He beat Ronnie O’’ Sullivan at the World Snooker Championship

He assisted Liverpool take a fast corner and rating versus Barcelona

Sprinter Elija Godwin will miss out on the remainder of the sports season due to injury. What occurred to him?

He was struck with a shot put

He impaled himself on a javelin

He tripped and broke his leg after among his colleagues connected his laces together for a laugh

A bird pooed on his hand, he rubbed his eye and it ended up being contaminated

Clubs from London might win the Champions League and Europa League this season. Which city got 2 European prizes in the 1993-94 season?





All-English finals are not a brand-new thing. Who won the really first conference of 2 English clubs in a European last (the Uefa Cup last in 1972)?





Judd Trump beat John Higgins 18-9 in the Snooker World Championship last. Why was Neil Morrice especially delighted with the outcome?

He put a ££ 10 bet on Trump to win a world title at chances of 1,000-1

Higgins’ ’ defeat suggests Morrice has gone to No 1 on the planet rankings

The early surface indicated Morrice, who refereed the last, made it to Manchester City’’ s match on Monday night

Higgins’ ’ defeat suggests Morrice is still the only gamer to have won the title in his 40s (back in 1965)

Why was Dutch footballer Jordie van der Laan sacked today?

He strolled off the pitch 12 minutes into a video game to reveal uniformity with Extinction Rebellion

He kissed the club owner's other half at the club’’ s end-of-season celebration

He avoided training to go to the Spurs v Ajax video game and his club learnt

He got a tattoo of his club’’ s regional competitors on his chest

Complete this series: Cardiff in 2014, London in 2015, Lyon in 2016, Edinburgh in 2017, Bilbao in 2018 …

Newcastle in 2019

New York in 2019

Newport in 2019

Nashville in 2019

The Giro d’’ Italia starts in Bologna this Saturday. Why was the Giro released in 1909?

To assist a regional political leader win an election

To pressurise the federal government into enhancing the roadways

To bring travelers to separated parts of Italy

To assist a paper offer more copies

Manchester City will maintain the Premier League title if they beat Brighton on Sunday. Who were the last club to win back-to-back titles?


Manchester United


Blackburn Rovers

Liverpool can likewise win the title on Sunday. When is the last time a club began the last day in 2nd location and completed it as champs?





How lots of previous Southampton gamers could include in the Champions League last?





11 and above.

Flawless. Have an incredibly weekend

9 and above.

Superb rating. Have a very weekend

10 and above.

Superb rating. Have a very weekend

1 and above.

Ah well. Have a very weekend

2 and above.

Ah well. Have a very weekend

3 and above.

Ah well. Have an incredibly weekend

4 and above.

That's a good rating. Have a very weekend

5 and above.

That's a great rating. Have an incredibly weekend

6 and above.

That's a great rating. Have a very weekend

7 and above.

That's a great rating. Have an incredibly weekend

8 and above.

What a rating! Have an incredibly weekend

0 and above.

Ah well. Have an incredibly weekend

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