Philadelphia 76ers Trade Odds For Next Season

Philadelphia 76ers Trade Odds For Next Season

Wholesale changes could be coming for the Philadelphia 76ers after they were swept by the Boston Celtics in the 2020 NBA playoffs. Players like Ben Simmons and Joel Embiid may be on the move along with head coach Brett Brown.

Sportsbooks have released odds on which team the two all-stars will play for next season. The Sixers remain the odds-on favorite to keep both of them, while Brown is favored to hang on to his job, at least for the start of the 2020-21 regular season.

The best basketball betting sites released these prop odds shortly after the Sixers were eliminated on Sunday amid reports of internal unrest about playing style and whether these three can co-exist on a basketball court.

That being said, Embiid is listed at -750 to be with the Sixers next season while Simmons is at -240. Brown doesn’t get the odds-on favorite treatment, sitting at +275 to still be coaching in Philly next year.

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Let’s break down each betting prop and determine if it’s worth betting on a rival franchise to scoop up these pieces:

Joel Embiid

Arguably the best center in the NBA, Joel Embiid has been frustrating at times for Sixers fans (and bettors) in his career with Philadelphia but there’s a reason he’s listed at -750 to be there next season. The big man has shown to be a dominant force at both ends of the court and he fits the conventional style of basketball most NBA coaches are used to.

However, his conditioning and injury risk have been topics of discussion ever since he entered the league and humans that size generally aren’t made to last as professional athletes. This is why the option is on the table of potentially trading him out of Philly because the return of assets would be a king’s ransom for a franchise devoid of any outside of the all-star duo.

He’ll likely stay with the Sixers but don’t be shocked if GM Elton Brand is taking calls for the all-star center in the offseason.

What Team Will Joel Embiid Play for In The 2020-21 NBA Season?
Philadelphia 76ers-750
Golden State Warriors+750
Boston Celtics+900
Miami Heat+900
Atlanta Hawks+1800
Brooklyn Nets+1800

Odds as of August 24 at Bodog

Ben Simmons

If Ben Simmons could shoot a basketball outside 12 feet, we wouldn’t even be having this conversation. But his lack of a jump shot has limited him offensively thus far in his career and the Sixers may need to look at the duo of Embiid and Simmons and realize the pieces don’t mesh.

Simmons is expected to remain in Philadelphia but much like Embiid, the Sixers would likely get a nice haul for the point forward. The Aussie is already a top-five defensive player on the perimeter with his ability to guard nearly any player on the court and is a wizard in transition due to his ball-handling skills and height advantage.

Keep on the lookout for a contender trying to snag him from the Sixers (the Thunder at +1800?) because there are whispers around the league that Simmons needs to be moved before Philly can take the next step in the contender hierarchy.

What Team Will Ben Simmons Play for in The 2020-21 NBA Season?
Philadelphia 76ers-240
Phoenix Suns +350
Golden State Warriors+750
Chicago Bulls+1200
New York Knicks+1200
New Orleans Pelicans+1800
Oklahoma City Thunder+1800

Odds as of August 24 at Bodog

Brett Brown

Someone who probably should’ve been fired last season, it’s a tough time to be Brett Brown in Philadelphia right now. The coach who came into Philly during “The Process” stage has already taken his lumps in the trenches with a tanking, bottom-feeder franchise but after getting swept by Boston, nobody wants to hear excuses in the City of Brotherly Love.

Brown has been routinely outcoached since Embiid and Simmons took the leap to all-star status and with three straight playoff exits without making the Eastern Conference final, the time may have come for the team to move on from the former San Antonio Spurs assistant.

The list of candidates who could potentially succeed him in Philly is a who’s who of former NBA coaches and assistants but the reality is they would have to figure out how to make this roster work if Elton Brand decides to stand pat. Also, Brand may decide to let Brown have another shot as the head coach since he does have the excuse of not having Simmons for the playoffs against a strong Celtics squad.

Who Will Coach The Philadelphia 76ers In The 2020-21 NBA Season?
Brett Brown+275
Kenny Atkinson+500
Sam Cassell+600
Jay Wright+800
Mark Jackson+950
Jason Kidd+950
Dave Joerger+950
Becky Hammon+1200
Ime Udoka+1800
Jacque Vaughn +1800
Wes Unseld Jr.+1800
Stephen Silas+1800
Jerry Stackhouse+1800
Lionel Hollins+2000
David Fizdale+2000

Odds as of August 24 at Bodog

How To Read Sixers Prop Odds

When you go to your sportsbook to see betting odds on which team Joel Embiid will play for in the 2020-21 NBA season, the odds should be listed like this:

Sixers -750

Warriors +750

Celtics +900

This is known as a prop bet and can be quite entertaining because it doesn’t pertain to a specific NBA game. In this case, the Sixers are a huge “favorite” and the minus sign (-) indicates which option is the fave, similar to a moneyline bet. Anything else with plus odds is considered an “underdog.”

With the Sixers’ odds listed this way, you’d need to bet a substantial amount in order to see legitimate profit. For example, if you bet $100 on the -750 option with the Sixers and Embiid plays for them to start next season, you’d get $113.33 back – your $100 bet is returned and you’d get receive a profit of $13.33.

On the flip side, if you think Embiid is done with the Sixers and you bet $100 that he ends up on the Warriors, you’d win $850 – your original $100 is returned and you’d get $750 in profit from your winning selection if he goes to Golden State. 

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