Let’s move to West Kirby, Merseyside: a monument to the way things used to be

With bowling greens and community parks skirting the senior prom, this town should be protected in its whole as a monolith to standard goal

What’’ s going all out? Time was when the English middle classes were content with a semi, an adulterous affair and sensible access to a golf course. Now it’’ s all cold-pressed drip coffee and single-estate mint chocs. West Kirby is a genuine vision, however, of the method things utilized to be( I can ’ t, nevertheless, guarantee its marital relationships, one method or another ). Golf courses, bowling greens, community parks, playing fields where fathers see Saturday group sports. Great schools, obviously. Sunday afternoon walks along the senior prom, with a periodic venture on to the sands at low tide, to Hilbre Island . Cruising clubs. The town ’ s opportunities weigh heavy with black-and-white Tudorbethans and yards kept in check with a weekly push of the Qualcast. It ’ s a sanctuary of standard goal, with just a minor, current attack of– whisper it– brand-new cash, simple to identify with their bling-bling extensions. They must most likely protect the town in its – whole as a monolith to a specific way of living; it might not last. If the worst takes place, all the goal and granite work surface areas in Merseyside won ’ t be able to hold back the waves from this flat-as-a-pancake sandy coast.

The case versus Too standard for lots of, wonderful as it is. I would watch on forecasted sea-level increases, specifically in what estate representatives here call the “ flat ” part of town.

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