Bookmaker or Sportsbook – What’s the Difference?

Bookmaker is the general term for a betting establishments in the UK and Europe whereas Sportsbook is more commonly referred to for a place to bet online for players from the USA and South America.

Europe and the UK in particular is known for it's liberal laws on gambling. You only have to walk down any UK high street to be aware of a wide range of bookmaker shops like Ladbrokes, Williamhill, Coral or Betfred.

Every high street has at least one. They also have strong online presence and are known betting brands worldwide.

It's part of the British culture that gambling is tolerated from betting on horse racing, the “Sport of Kings” to placing an accumulator bet on six football teams on a Saturday afternoon.

Sportsbook is the generic term for online bookmakers originated from the US like Bodog, SBG Global and I mention these three because they have withstood the anti gambling laws that were introduced a few years ago.

Effectively banning the ability to deposit into an online sportsbook from the US. Sportsbooks got around the ban by setting up offshore in places like Costa Rica and introducing e-wallet style payments like Neteller and Moneybookers.

Questions and Answers

Which Sportsbook..?Has anyone played in Victor Chandler sportsbook site? And if you know how to deposit via visa electron card, just explain it to me.
Posted by Yu
[display_name id=”1″]Visa Electron is a type of Visa that is only available in certain geographic areas. I've not tried Victor Chandler, but I'd recommend you take a look at the following:
Http:// luck, hope this helps.

Which Sportsbook is the best one?Bodog, sportsbook,sportsbetting,bookmaker.

Posted by jon
[display_name id=”1″]Of the ones that you have listed I would say that Bookmaker is far and away the best! Http://” rel=”nofollow” target=”_blank”>Http://… Bodog…bodoglife…etc is a headache waiting to happen. Payments are delayed frequently and they often send a rubber check! Their lines are also the latest and the worst! Sportsbook and sportsbetting are the same company. controlled sites are to be avoided like the plague! You will get ripped off, just a matter of when.
You can also read reviews of other reliable options as well as at Http:// Some sites offer eCheck deposits, free same day payouts, the earliest lines, lower juice, higher odds, etc. You'll also find free daily sports picks, betting tips, and free matchup stats.

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