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Bookmakers pay out on Suarez 'bite' – Orange UK News

Orange UK News Bookmakers pay out on Suarez 'bite' Malta-based online gambling site Betsson were offering odds of 175-1 that Suarez would get his gnashers out again and sportsbook manager Andreas Bardun confirmed 167 bets had been placed, with the biggest winner scooping almost £2,000.

Thomas Syverson from Norway was one of the lucky chancers and told ESPN: “I had 32 [Norwegian] Krone on it (about £3), so it was just for fun.”

Another gambling site, Betsafe, paid out on 39 winning bets, which included one punter collecting a cool £1,729.

“We saw the incident and thought it was obvious,” a spokesperson said.

“Betsafe players are in it to win it, and we saw no reason to delay them from getting what they deserve.”

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