Basketball is my first love, but the athleticism of beach volleyball is amazing | Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

The sport has actually come a long method considering that it was a reason to hang out at the beach with a beer. The abilities of its professional athletes are spectacular

Not lots of individuals understand that my pal and coach Wilt Chamberlain was not simply among the best basketball gamers who ever lived, he was likewise a first-rate beach ball gamer. He didn’’ t start playing volley ball till he was 33 and still with the Los Angeles Lakers, he sponsored his own group, was a board member of the International Volleyball Association, and was ultimately called to the Volleyball Hall of Fame. “ “ For a long period of time, beach ball ended up being as huge a part of my life as basketball as soon as was,” ” he stated . “ Being able to hold my own versus the very best on the planet, on the beach or inside your home, is something I ’ m really pleased with. ” Although he played both inside your home and beach volley ball, I believe beach matched his character more.

I was advised of his extreme enthusiasm while enjoying the beach volley ball world champions in Germany this summer season. Forty-eight guys ’ s groups and 48 females ’ s groups contended in among the’most intense, stylish, explosive, and amusing sports being played today. Enjoying the females and males surge, obstruct, and dive around a court that is nearly difficult for 2 individuals to effectively cover makes one value the elite level of athleticism needed to be competitive on a worldwide level. After basketball, it might extremely well might be the second-most interesting global sport.

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