Thomas Cazayous Wins WSOP $3,000 No-Limit Hold’em 6-Handed

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thomascazayous166Frenchman Thomas Cazayous is a professional online poker player, but he showed recently that he is perfectly able to navigate his way through the field of a stacked WSOP live event for a gold bracelet and a six-figure prize.

Cazayous won the $3,000 No-Limit Hold’em 6-Handed or Event #31 on the schedule of the 50th WSOP after coming through the 754-player field of the tournament to claim his first piece of WSOP jewelry and $414,766 in prize money.

The player exuded confidence at the final table, while keeping quiet, which led to fellow contenders nicknaming him “the silent assassin.” And Cazayous really performed in a very composed manner, assessing each of his opponents, putting pressure at the right time, and catching bluffs all the way to the very end of the Six-Max tournament.

How Final Table Acton Unfolded

Although the final table featured some seasoned live tournament pros, including former gold bracelet winners Upeshka De Silva and Angel Guillen, it was namely the tournament’s eventual winner who dominated action throughout that final stage.

Cazayous lost his chip lead for brief moments throughout the final table, and even when that happened, he was really close to the top.

rioallsuite83Asked about how he felt at the final table, the brand new WSOP champion said that while he played against some good players, he felt “very, very confident.” He went on that he did not want to say he was the best but “felt pretty sure what I had to do.”

While a lot of players enjoy engaging in table talk over the course of a tournament, Cazayous did not really talk. The player explained that if he speaks a lot with his tablemates, he would lose his focus. He further elaborated that if he skips a hand he wants “to see what people are doing, the sizing they use, the way they’re acting.”

Cazayous’ approach to the game, his focus, and his calm demeanor paired with his online background paid him splendidly in the Six-Max event.


Cazayous literally bulldozed his way down to the heads-up match against US player Nicholas Howard. Howard was at huge deficit when the two-handed duel kicked off. The battle began with Cazayous holding 12.7 million in chips to his final opponent’s 2.4 million.

The first hands of the match saw the eventual champion weaken his opponent and get him down to just a few big blinds. However, Howard managed to gain momentum at one point and to grow his stack. He never took the lead, though, and Cazayous’ demeanor remained visibly unaffected, despite his heads-up opponent’s efforts.

On the final few hands, Cazayous put great pressure on Howard to eventually catch his opponent’s bluff on what turned out to be the last hand of the tournament and to claim the title. On that final hand, Cazayous raised to 350,000 from the button and Howard called in the big blind.

The board delivered a [Js][4h][3s] flop to see Cazayous bet 250,000 and Howard call. The two players checked the [9d] turn to see the [2h] arrive on the river. Howard bet 425,000 and Cazayous raised to 1.6 million. Howard then shoved and his opponent called.

Howard turned over [Qs][10c], telling his opponent that he was going to win the tournament with that call. He proved right as Cazayous showed his [Jd][2d] for the gold bracelet and the title. Howard collected $256,314 for his efforts.

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