SoftSwiss Joins Yggdrasil’s YG Franchise Network

SoftSwiss Joins Yggdrasil’s YG Franchise Network

Provider of online casino content and related solutions SoftSwiss has become the latest to sign a franchise deal with Yggdrasil, news emerged today.

The deal, which is set to become effective from August 18, is set to provide SoftSwiss with access to Yggdrasil’s iGaming content, technology, innovation, and experience.

Under the terms of the YG Franchise licensing agreement, SoftSwiss will be able to distribute award-winning Yggdrasil iGaming content across its core markets through its fast-growing network of partners.

The deal between SoftSwiss and Yggdrasil will also provide the former with access to the latter’s BOOST set of innovative promotional tools as well as to Yggdrasil’s leading GATI innovation, which was introduced only recently but has already gained quite some attention within the iGaming sector.

GATI is language agnostic and standardized technology that enables online casino game developers to quickly and safely build and distribute content across Yggdrasil’s ever-growing global distribution network.

As part of the benefits SoftSwiss will reap from its alliance with Yggdrasil, the company will be able to collaborate globally with other YG Franchisees, including the likes of Flow Gaming, Azure Tech, and Northern Lights, among others. With the implementation of GATI, SoftSwiss will be able to craft, port, or commission games that can be deployed by the above-mentioned and many other YG Franchisees.

YG Franchise Highlights Importance of Collaborative Work in iGaming

Commenting on the addition of SoftSwiss to their roster of YG Franchisees, Bjorn Krantz, Head of Publishing at Yggdrasil, said that their new partner is a leading casino supplier and that they are happy to be adding it to their expanding network.

Mr. Krantz elaborated that as their YG Franchise network grows, the model gets amplified for their partners. Teaming up with Yggdrasil will provide SoftSwis with “full access to a wealth of proven YG experience and technology,” Mr. Krantz added.

In the Yggdrasil official’s words, its new YG Franchise program provides franchisees with the opportunity to take full control of their iGaming strategy, scale their businesses in an efficient and secure way, and ultimately drive new revenue streams. It also “highlights the importance of collaborative work in iGaming.”

SoftSwiss CCO Max Trafimovich noted that they are delighted to be part of the YG Franchise network and to be able to utilize the solution. Mr. Trafimovich went on to say that by working together with Yggdrasil and fellow franchisees and using “their iGaming ‘in a box’ solution and the GATI technology, we expect to reinforce our market position as a leading casino solution provider in the industry.”

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