Silma Macalou Beats Record Field to Win 888poker WPTDeepStacks Portugal

The WPTDeepStacks wrapped up another great event in Portugal that saw Frenchman Silma Macalou emerge victorious over a record-smashing field of 432 entries to collect a first-place prize of €91,655.

The 888poker WPTDeepStacks Portugal €1,200 Main Event took place at Casino Vilamoura. As mentioned above, the tournament attracted a record 432-person field that was whittled down to the big champion after four days of intense poker action at the host casino.

Macalou said after his win that he was very happy with what he had achieved and praised the staff, the dealers, and the location for providing him with great experience throughout the major tournament.

Macalou’s prize for winning the Main Event included a WPTDeepStacks European Championship Main Event package and a 2020 888poker WPTDeepStacks package. The player said that he was very happy to have won the two packages and that he would definitely take advantage of them.

The Final Day

Day 3, the tournament’s final day of action, saw 17 players return to the host venue from the previous night to play down to a champion. Action was off to a slow start but picked up very soon.

It was Nuno Chiou who bubbled the official final table of eight. The player was eliminated namely by Macalou who hit top pair on the river, despite initially being dominated by Chiou’s nut flush draw.

Macalou was responsible for the very next elimination as well. The eventual champion busted Day 1B and Day 2 chip leader Luis Fernandes, denying him the chance to build on his momentum from the previous two days.

As final table play unfolded, Macalou gained pace to emerge as the chip leader and secure himself with some amount of comfort throughout that stage of the tournament. He left it to Vasco Mesquita to eliminate Paul Cukierman in third place and thus set up their heads-up duel.

The Heads-Up

The two-handed match turned out to be a pretty impressive, two-hour affair that was rich in twists and turns and excitement for both those involved in it and those following the action from the rail. Mesquita was the one to take the first blood, but Macalou regained his control after making a vital call with his tournament life on the line.

Mesquita then doubled to forge into the chip lead once again. On what turned out to be the final hand in play, the two players hit two pair on the seven-seven-six flop. Macalou held ace-six to Mesquita’s queen-six. The turn delivered four of clubs, giving both players the flush draw. Macalou shoved to see his opponent call after a few seconds of contemplation.

The eight of clubs appeared on the river, helping Macalou improve to the nut flush and seal the title. Mesquita congratulated the brand new WPTDeepStacks champion and headed to the payout desk collect a prize of €61,050 for his runner-up finish.

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