Scientific Games Announces AI Partnership with Vaix

Scientific Games Announces AI Partnership with Vaix


Gambling technology giant Scientific Games has teamed up with iGaming AI engine provider to provide its clients’ betting customers with personalized wagering experience, including recommendations and tailored betting choices.

Scientific Games will be able to deliver such personalized experience through its OpenMarket and OpenSports product suite, which has been used by a number of leading gambling operators looking to tap or cement themselves into the lucrative sports betting space.

Through its artificial intelligence (AI) model, will provide the OpenSports platform with innovative technology that will boost its sports betting offering. and Scientific Games’ partnership will also result in the delivery of sports, league, team, event, and market recommendations to wagering customers in real time. Individual bettors will thus get additionally personalized experience via Scientific Games’ OpenMarket solution.

Through its OpenMarket product, the Las Vegas gambling technology giant provides operator partners with one-stop content platform that features leading athletic gambling intelligence, data feeds, and a number of tools without the need for lengthy and complex integration processes and financial agreements.

Vaix’s unique technology, a first for the international online gambling industry, gives operators the opportunity to utilize deep learning for their operations and their customers in the most important aspects, with those being acquisition and marketing, personalisation, and responsible gambling.

Pioneering New Technological Frontiers

Commenting on their latest major partnership, Scientific Games SVP Sportsbook, Digital Keith O’Loughlin said that AI is pioneering new technological frontiers and we’re thrilled to partner with to incorporate it into our sportsbook products.”

Mr. O’Laughlin went on that their customers want “tailored experience, and with we can offer a more deeply personalized experience through our OpenSports product than ever before.” CEO and Co-founder Andreas Hartmann added that “at any time of day, users of an average Sportsbook are faced with several dozens of competing sports, leagues, events and special market offers, presented to them like a Bloomberg trading terminal.”

Mr. Hartmann further noted that “help for the user to fin their favorite team’s game, or to see what’s going on in one’s personal favorite league, is often not going beyond targeted banners based on pre-selected user segments, or the often-hailed, but rarely used, ‘Favorites’ feature.”

The partnership between Scientific Games and Vaix will enable the former’s sportsbook partners to launch personalized experience for their individual customers without the additional cost that comes with building and maintaining a complex deep learning and AI development setup or disturbing their already busy development roadmaps.

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