Resorts World Sentosa Casino Dealer Steals Chips Worth S$77,000 to Buy Luxury Goods

A dealer at Resorts World Sentosa, one of Singapore’s two casino resorts, was sentenced last week to nine months and six weeks in prison after being discovered to have stolen S$77,000 (approx. $56,818) worth of chips from the gambling facility’s tables.

Ding Zhipeng, a Chinese national, was also slapped with a S$12,000 (approx. $8,855) fine, and will have to serve additional three weeks in prison if he is unable to pay the penalty.

Ding started working as a dealer at Resorts World Sentosa’s casino in July 2017. At about this time last year, the 28-year-old Chinese national began stealing chips from the tables he was servicing up until mid-November 2018. He was found to have stolen chips worth S$77,000.

After stealing the chips, Ding asked a friend to cash them out for him as being a staff member at the gambling venue, he was unable to do so himself.

On November 12, 2018, a security officer at the casino spotted Ding stealing S$1,000 denomination cash chips from a table he was servicing. There were no gamblers at the table at the time. The security officer called the police and the stealing dealer was detain. Upon his arrest, he surrendered two S$1,000 cash chips that he had hidden in his pants.

A police search at his rented room later that day produced 72 chips each worth S$1,000 and S$3,000 in cash.

Fancy Goods

Ding used the proceeds from his theft to buy luxury goods. His shopping spree included a nearly S$6,000 Breitling watch, a pair of Balenciaga shoes, a pair of S$400 Chanel earrings, an Apple iPad mini and an iPhone, among others. He treated his girlfriend to some of the pricey items he purchased.

After his arrest, Ding admitted to one count of possessing casino chips outside the casino floor, one count of criminal breach of trust, and one count of converting benefits from criminal conduct. Another 13 counts of a similar nature also played a role in determining his sentence.

John Koh, Ding’s lawyer, said that his client’s actions were due to stress that he experienced as a foreign worker, which prompted him to resort to “improper channels” to make extra money for him and his family back in China.

Ding’s case was the second one involving a casino dealer stealing chips. News emerged earlier this year that a dealer at The Star Casino in Sydney was caught trying to snatch a chip worth A$5,000 from a baccarat table. A leaked footage showed the dealer pinching a chip from a tray with his pinky and ring finger, while talking to patrons. He then stowed the chip in his palm. The erring dealer was fired by the casino immediately after the incident.

In a separate round of news from Singapore, the city-state’s other casino, Marina Bay Sands, announced that it has dropped a S$10 million lawsuit against an Australian high roller who failed to pay a gambling debt he had amassed playing at the property five years ago.

The gambler told court that he had refused to pay his debt because he had been introduced to Marina Bay Sands through a junket operator, and that it was namely that operator that was supposed to pay for his losses and collect his winnings.

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