Café Casino Launches their NEW Loyalty Promotion

Café Casino

Café CasinoPour a coffee and earn extra points when you start playing at the Café Casino with the launch of their revamped loyalty program called “Perks”. It features top-class features and usability, Perks lets you earn points while you play at the Café Casino on your favorite casino games. Then once earned you can redeem your Perk Points at anytime. Receive awesome rewards like bonuses and exclusive promotions. There's no qualification you're good to go as soon as you sign up at Café Casino. It's an automatic enrollment into the program when you join Café Casino for the first time .

Top Features of Café Casino Perks:

  • You can Earn Perk Points for playing in the casino.
  • You Redeem your points for rewards and cash bonuses whenever you want.
  • No worries on losing your status. Once you’re in, you’re in.
  • Receive cash-back on losses.

How to Earn Perk Points at Café Casino?

Simply sign up to Café Casino and you’re automatically enrolled into the Perks program. There's nothing more to it. From the start you'll start earning Perk Points for playing any of the games in the casino. Choose from slots to table games and everything and anything in between. Once you accumulate some Perk Points you can swap them for cash bonuses and other great rewards at anytime. They have made the whole process very simple at Café Casino.

Stay at the Level you Achieve – Never Fall

One of the great things about the the loyalty promotion is that, unlike other casinos, once you earn your Perk Points you don't lose your status. Play more and more tier points will be accumulated. This will allow you to climb through the levels of the program. The higher the level, the more generous the rewards. Examples of this are the cash-backs on losses and access to bigger and better promos. Remember you’re locked at your level status until you advance to the next.

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Check Out the Rewards Portal

The Café Casino rewards portal is a breeze to navigate and it allows you to:

  • See how many Perk Points you have earned, your status level and more.
  • Redeem your Perk Points for cash rewards instantly.

There's More!

T find out more information on Café Casino’s Perks, go to the site and find out about the different tier levels, the Perk Points conversion rates and the full terms and conditions.

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